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Glendale Community College North

Frequently Asked Questions about GCCN

What is GCC North?

Glendale Community College North (GCC North) is an extension of Glendale Community College that opened its doors on Happy Valley Road between 57th and 61st Avenues for the Fall 2000 semester. GCC North is dedicated to serving the higher educational needs of the Northwest Valley.

Where is GCC North located?

The 75-acre site is located south of Happy Valley Road between 57th and 61st Avenues.

Why is GCC North important for the community?

Northwest community members have more convenient access to higher education. GCC North provides university transfer courses, job related programs and work place upgrade opportunities through our course offerings and unique partnerships.

What educational courses and programs are offered?

GCC North offers college level courses leading to degree and certificate programs, university transfer, and career training.

What kinds of services are available?

The North campus services expanded in Fall 2008 to include: additional placement testing, advisement, registration, cashier, financial aid, bookstore, career services, counseling, disability services and resources, fitness center, honors, library, computer commons, laboratory sciences, student study space and tutoring services and veteran services.

What does GCC North look like?

The existing site occupies 28-acres, and includes 87,000 square feet of single-story classrooms and administrative area. The four new buildings that opened in fall 2008 and the existing A Complex blend neighboring architecture and incorporate existing and planned desert landscaping, making the campus an attractive addition to the community.

The original space or A Complex has been named Aqua Sal. Housed there are 19 classrooms, College Safety and a Faculty Resource Center.

The Beshbito (B) Building houses our library and computer center as well as media services and computing resources departments.

Chinle (C) Building is where you can find our Enrollment Center, the campus book store and our student support services. There is also relaxing lounge space, the Arroyo Cafe and a game room located on the south side of the building.

Building D, Dinnebito, houses six (6) classrooms including our new science laboratories. It is also home to our Tutoring and Writing Center and our administrative services.

El Capitan, Bullding E, is the building you see next to Happy Valley road. The building holds our heating and cooling equipment and our maintenance and receiving departments. This helps us to keep outside traffic and noise away from our student spaces.

What has been done to ensure that the campus is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood?

The one-story modular buildings have a stucco exterior that is compatible with the exterior finishes of the surrounding community. The additional buildings that were added in Fall 2008 were also confined to one-story and designed to integrate well with the natural landscape. The heating and cooling towers, access roads and parking lot are located a sufficient distance from the residents to prevent excessive noise; lighting is reduced after 10:00 p.m.; pre-existing and added landscape provide a pleasant desert adapted buffer around the campus.

What planning has been going on for this center, and how has the public been involved?

One of the major premises in planning for GCC North is maintaining a "Good Neighbor" policy, relating to physical facilities and curriculum. Planning has been going on since 1996 with community input at all phases. Extensive community suggestions have been incorporated into the planning of the new site, particularly with regard to noise, appearance, lighting, landscaping, location of transportation access and parking lots.

How did GCC North originate?

In 1994, $2 million from Maricopa Community Colleges Capital Development Bond was allocated to be used to provide initial site development such as sewer, water, electricity, and parking for the 20,000 square foot campus. In 2004, $25 million from Maricopa Community Colleges Capital Development Bond was allocated to be used to expand and create a master plan for the GCC North site. Fall 2008, phase one of the GCC North Master Plan opened adding 67,000 square feet of new facilities and services.


  • 75 acre site at 57th Avenue and Happy Valley Road purchased with monies approved in the 1984 Maricopa Community Colleges Capital Development Plan.
  • $2 million of capital monies provided 10,000 square feet of classrooms, study areas, student support services, and offices.
  • $25 million of capital monies approved to provide a master plan and additional 67,000 square feet of new services and facilities.

In this site:

GCC North
5727 W Happy Valley Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85310

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