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First Year Experience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the FYE cost more than other college classes?

No! You pay the same tuition and fees as other GCC students.

Can I take classes that I am interested in but are not part of the program?

Absolutely! The FYE program consists of either 6 or 9 college credits (depending on which program you qualify for) and most full-time students take between 12 and 15 credits. This means that you may choose one or two additional courses.

Will these classes apply toward my major?

All of the classes in the FYE program will either apply toward your major, or prepare you for the classes necessary for your major.

Will these classes transfer to other universities?

Many of the classes transfer to the Arizona Universities as well as to other universities across the United States. Academic advisors are available to inform you of the classes that are transferable.

How do I get started?

To get started, all you have to do contact us and express your interest in the FYE program.

How long does this program last?

The program will last one or two semesters. It's your choice! Student commitment is semester by semester. If you enjoy the fall FYE, spring semester FYE cohorts are available for you to register in as well!

What days and times are the FYE classes offered?

You can choose on a MWF schedule or a TR schedule and the classes are scheduled in the mornings.

Who is eligible for the FYE program?

Anyone who is interested in increasing his or her likelihood of success in college is eligible and welcome to apply to the program.

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