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First Year Experience

Program Benefits

Take classes with friends When you enroll in the FYE program you take classes with the same students, so you are much more likely to form friendships.

Get a personal orientation to the college campus If you register with the FYE program you are invited to an FYE-only orientation at which you will be given a campus tour, including your classroom locations, and meet your FYE instructors before classes start.

Apply linked assignments to two or more FYE classes You may turn in some assignments to two or three FYE instructors instead of having to submit two or three separate assignments. This enables you to receive feedback from different perspectives and see the connections between your classes.

Get a mentor Peer mentoring is a great method for students who have 'been there and done that' to help you solve problems and find help on campus.

Learn college success skills Being successful in college requires great organization in not just one class, but in all classes. The FYE program helps you establish an organizational system and improve your study skills, such as notetaking, test taking, memory and time-management.

Minimize stress and maximize learning The FYE teaches specific skills that are necessary for managing stress. Managing stress leads to reduced stress. Reduced stress increases comprehension and retention of new course material associated with college, thus increasing the likelihood of success.

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