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Aerobics Orientation, Policies and Procedures

Attendance Procedures

All students MUST have a GCC student ID card to participate in an aerobics class. Students that arrive prior to class should wait outside the classroom if the previous class is still in progress. Upon entering the classroom, each student must place his/her identification card in the ID box by the north door. During class, the GCC ID cards will be collected and scanned for attendance. ID cards will be returned at the end of class.

Students arriving more than 10 minutes late will not be permitted to attend class as they will have missed the warm-up. For your safety, all students must participate for the entire class including warm-up and cool-down.

Be Courteous!
Please turn off cell phones & pagers.
Please refrain from loud socializing during class.
Please no heavy fragrances.

And, Please Remember:
Always bring your GCC ID card to class
Be on time
Stay for entire class

Class Participation

Each Aerobics Instructor has the professional responsibility and right to not permit a student to participate in class, if in the professional opinion of the instructor, the student's physical ability is unsafe to themselves or others.

Identification Cards

All aerobics students must obtain a GCC ID card. ID cards are available at the Information Desk in the Enrollment Center. There will be no charge for the first issued ID card. A $4.00 charge will be applied for all replacement cards. The student ID card must be presented at each aerobics class. The ID cards will be returned at the end of class. Please see the Photo ID website for more information.

Guests and Children

All participants in Aerobics classes must be registered in an Aerobics section. All students in the Aerobics classroom must participate. "Observing" class is not permitted. For the safety of all, children are not allowed in the classroom to watch or participate.

Locks and Lockers

Free locks and lockers are available in the men's and women's locker rooms. During summer aerobics students must provide their own locks. Bring your GCC ID card to the assistant in the equipment cage of the locker rooms. Please leave all of your valuables at home or in your locker. Do not bring them to class.

Workout Attire

Students may wear any type of work-out clothing to class. Workout attire should be comfortable and non-restrictive. The only requirement is a good pair of aerobics or cross-training shoes with laces, good cushioning and firm lateral support. Students will not be allowed to take a class if they are barefoot, or wearing only socks, hose, or slip on shoes without laces. This is for your safety and prevention of possible injuries.

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