Goals for Computer Supported English Courses
GCC English Department, 1993

Students will:

  • participate early in the semester in the instructor's orientation that offers a thorough explanation and practice of word processing basics.
  • acquire the writing and word processing skills needed for the assignments by working with other classmates and the instructor during classroom lab sessions.
  • participate in computer-based collaborative learning activities that include clearly defined, specific objectives and that encourage team building and confidence.
  • practice a revision process that encourages revising with a pencil or pen on a print copy/inputting changes/printing another copy/revising again, etc.
  • compose text on a computer keyboard for some assignments without working from a handwritten copy.
  • gain independence in the use of computer technology as they are encouraged to read instructions from the handbooks and to devise their own solutions to computer problems.
  • appreciate the role that computer technology plays as it facilitates writing, communication, and the processing of information.

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