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English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses

GCC offers a variety of English as a Second Language courses.  See our Course Schedule for start dates and times.

Level I Courses (3 credits each)
ESL 010 ESL I: Grammar
ESL 011 ESL I: Listening and Speaking
ESL 012 ESL I: Writing with Oral Practice
ESL 016 Reading ESL I
Level II Courses (3 credits each)
ESL 020 ESL II: Grammar
ESL 021 ESL II: Listening and Speaking
ESL 022 ESL II: Writing with Oral Practice
ESL 026 Reading ESL II
Level III Courses (3 credits each)
ESL 030 ESL III: Grammar
ESL 031 ESL III: Listening and Speaking
ESL 032 ESL III: Writing with Oral Practice
ESL 036 Reading ESL III
Level IV Courses (3 credits each)
ESL 040 ESL IV: Grammar
ESL 041 ESL IV: Listening and Speaking
ESL 042 ESL IV: Writing with Oral Practice
ESL 049 General Vocational English
ESL 046 Reading ESL IV

Additional Courses (not all courses are offered every semester)

ESL 050 Review Grammar for ESL (online) (3 credits)
ESL 051 Pronunciation Improvement (3 credits)
ESL 071 Adv Pronunciation and Oral Reading (3 credits)
ESL 077
Language Skills: Speaking and Writing Standard English (3 credits)
ESL 087 Basic Writing Skills (3 credits)
ESL 097 Fundamentals of Writing (3 credits)
ENG 100AA American English Spelling System (online) (1 credit)
ENG 100AB Vocabulary Development (online) (1 credit)
ENG 100AC Mechanics of Written English (online) (1 credit)
ENG 100AD Grammar and Usage (online) (1 credit)
ENG 107 First Year Composition for ESL (3 credits) 
ENG 108 First Year Composition for ESL (3 credits)

Placement Procedure

To ensure successful academic achievement, students enrolling in English and Reading classes are screened for proper placement.   Before enrolling, ESL students take the CELSA (Combined English Language Skills Assessment) placement test in the Testing Services Office.  (view a map)

Conversation Group

For Spring, 2014, there is a free ESL conversation group open to GCC students and any other interested adults.  No registration is necessary.  Come and meet interesting people and practice English conversation skills in a relaxed environment with the help of a GCC ESL instructor.  There are no grades--only fun!  You can attend every meeting or only come when you are able to.  All levels of English proficiency are welcome.

  • Dates:  Mondays, beginning January 27th through April 28th, 2014
  • Time: 2:30 - 3:30 pm
  • Place: Center for Learning, room 48 (view a map)

For information about courses, contact:

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