Your GCC Curriculum Team
Team Member Contact Name Telephone
Curriculum Development Facilitator (CDF), Chair Karen Conzelman 623.845.3612
Curriculum Technician Kris Carr 623-845-3515
Dean of Instruction,
Career & Technical Education
Scott Schulz 623.845.3876
Dean of Instruction,
Arts, Sciences, & General Education
Fernando Camou 623.845.3677
Compliance Coordinator Eddie Lamperez 623.845.3601
Vice President, Academic Affairs Janet Langley 623.845.3115

Curriculum Committee Members
Lynn Brysacz John Coughlin Jay Covey
Jenna Duncan John Gibson Susan Karpinski
Joseph Kersting William Kimball Debbie Leedy
Ui Luu Susan Mayer David Seitz
Wanda Walding    


Ready to Begin? Need Help?

The goal of the GCC Curriculum Team is to assist faculty with keeping courses and programs current. The tools and resources in this website are provided to assist you in the preliminary development of your curriculum proposal(s). If at any time you need further assistance, please contact your Curriculum Development Facilitator (CDF) or Curriculum Technician with any questions or concerns.