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Women’s Leadership Group (WLG)

The GCC WLG annual conference made the news!

Read all about it in the May 2 edition of "The Maricopan," or click here for a pdf.

Women's History Month

In celebration of Women's History Month, here are some of our favorite inspirational quotes.

Women's Leadership Group


Professional Development Through Events, Mentoring and Networking

The mission of Glendale Community College's Women's Leadership Group (WLG) is to empower and inspire leadership growth through education, collaboration, and service. We achieve this mission by meeting regularly to learn from special speakers, engage in mentoring and networking opportunities, and execute initiatives to give back to the community. Membership is open to all GCC employees (men and women).

Speakers Welcome

We welcome learning opportunities. From informal conversations to workshops, please reach out to our co-chairs to express your interest in presenting.

COMING SOON: Kovala's Closet

Women's Leadership Group is proud to announce the launch of a new project; Kovala's Closet. When Dr. Kovala arrived here she had a vision and a unique idea for the women of GCC.  A clothing closet that would support all female employees in their professional needs, whether it be for a job interview, a shift in career or that you just simply have a clothing need. With a few recent donations we have been able to make Dr. Kovala's dream a reality. Stein Mart donated a mobile clothing rack with a large supply of hangers. We also received a very generous donation of clothing from a faculty member to get our closet going.  But it's still not quite there and we need your help and support to complete our goals. If you have an interest in participating in this project, or have items you're willing to part with please contact the group at

WLG Membership
Membership Dues: $15 per year.
Membership is open to all GCC employees (men and women).
How are dues used?
    - $6 supports your GCC WLG events.
   - $3 to Gina Kranitz Student Scholarship.
   - $6 supports District-wide WLG events.

Meet Your GCC WLG Reps!
Denise Wiseman, Co-Chair
Marlene Barrera, Secretary
Yvonne McMillan, Marketing
Laura Hinau, Treasurer
Jennifer Toole, Recruiting
Sharon Weltz, Webmaster

2015-16 Faculty Assignments
Dr. Claire Englehart, English
Rebecca Rabideau, Dance
Sharenda Roam, Ethic/Religion
Kendra Swensen, Marketing

Your GCC WLG Reps work hard to:
    - Offer monthly on-campus meetings.
    - Offer Learning Opportunities.
    - Offer social & networking events.
    - Hold membership drives.
    - Represent GCC at WLG District meetings.
    - Promote District WLG events.