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GCC Gold Standard & Quality Matters

GCC Gold Standard is a campus review process created by GCC instructional designers and faculty based on the nationally recognized Quality Matters (QM) Standards. GCC Gold Standards assure the online components of these courses promote learner engagement and provide students with all the tools and information they need to be successful learners.

The following GCC courses have been reviewed and have earned GCC Gold Standard honors:
Summer 2010:
HES100 Healthful Living Joann Pell
Fall 2010:
EXS123 Active for Life Louise So
ENG101 English Composition I Jennifer Lane
EMT236 Pharmacology in an Emergency Setting Chris Coughlin
CPD150 Strategies for College Success Susan High
Spring 2011:
ENG102 English Composition II Deanne Hutchison
ENG102 English Composition II Jennifer Lane
HCR230 Culture & Health Virginia Dumas
GPH111 Introduction to Physical Geography Lynn Newman
CPD160 Introduction to Multiculturalism Melinda Ornelas
HCR210 Clinical Health Care Ethics Diane Kruse
IFS101 Information Skills in the Digital Age Anthony Sanchez
CFS259 Human Sexuality Across the Lifespan Liz Foley
Fall 2011:
CPD102AF Human Sexuality Joseph Bednorz
HCR220 Intro to Nursing & Health Care System Lucy Flaaten
HCR240 Human Pathophysiology Randall Peterson

Gold Stars could not be awarded without the volunteer Gold Standard Review teams. Lead and Peer Reviewers must teach online or hybrid courses within the last 3 semesters and complete training.

The following faculty & staff have earned Gold Review honors for reviewing 12 or more courses:




The following faculty & staff have earned Silver Review honors for reviewing 7 or more courses:

Chris Coughlin
Karen Russo



The following faculty & staff have earned Bronze Review honors for reviewing 3 or more courses:

Alisa Cooper Ron Olson
Susan High Juliane Roybal
Rashmi Menon Karen Russo
Lea Neibarger JT Abraham

To ensure the quality and integrity of eCourses, Glendale Community College faculty & staff have participated in the Quality Matters (QM) nationally recognized program. QM processes are research based and incorporate best practice techniques to assist student success. QM enables instructors to utilize tools to assist in developing, maintaining and reviewing online courses. QM also provides GCC a means for training eCourse faculty.

Congratulations to the following GCC instructors for earning the nationally acclaimed QM award for their courses:
REL243 World Religions Brandon Cleworth
CIS118AB PowerPoint: Level I Tim Sylvester
CIS118BB PowerPoint: Level II


The following GCC faculty & staff members have completed the QM Peer Review Training:

Abraham, James
Brenoe, Felicia
Cleworth, Brandon
Cooper, Alisa
Coughlin, Chris
Dash, Sagarika
Dumas, Virginia
Fisher, Annette
Hall, Rachelle
Lane, Jennifer
Lewis, Ladonna

Menon, Rashmi
Neibarger, Lea
Poggi, Judy
Roybale, Julianne
Russo, Karen
Shineman, Kirt
Sylvester, Tim
Waskow, Julie