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Before Registering

The decision to take an eCourse should be considered carefully before registering. While online, hybrid and open entry courses allow students flexibilitySurvey Graphic and access to class materials at a time that is convenient with their schedules, classes are generally not self-paced and do have specific deadlines. Being able to attend class and view class content from anywhere there is internet access is a wonderful advantage for those with full time jobs, families, transportation problems, or special needs.

However advantageous eCourses appear to be, please consider the following:

  • eCourses require time management skills. The student must log in regularly (3 or more times per week) and be prepared to read, view and listen to a great deal of information. Expect to spend 6 or more hours weekly on each 3 credit eCourse.
  • Most eCourses are not self paced; they have definite start and stop dates, with assignments due on a regular basis.
  • Students are expected to spend time reading, listening to lectures and podcasts, visiting websites, and interacting online by posting comments on discussion boards, blogs and wikis.
  • Successful eCourse students are typically highly motivated, proactive learners who are also disciplined and patient. To determine if an eCourse is a good choice for you, please complete the Readiness Survey.

To see how online content is delivered using Canvas click here.

Click here to see if you have the technical skills necessary to successfully complete an online course.

Check out the helpful tips about how to be a successful online student.

Students may register for eCourses using the same process that is used for traditional on-campus classes, through, by phone (623-845-3333) or in-person by visiting the GCC Enrollment Center. For more information, visit the Enrollment website.