Sign Language Interpreting

Students Who Need a Sign Language Interpreter for Classes

If you need a sign language interpreter to assist you in classes please begin the request process at least four weeks prior to the start of class:

  1. Register for classes as early as possible to be sure to get your first choices.

  2. Pay your tuition.

  3. Four weeks prior to class, make an appointment with the DRS Supervisor of Interpreting Services, preferably via email at

  4. Bring a copy of an audiogram or other medical documentation that documents your hearing loss to your appointment.

Requesting a Sign Language Interpreter for a Single Event

Students and members of the community may request a sign language interpreter for a single college-related event or activity (such as a field trip or a public performance on campus).
Complete the Request an Interpreter online form. Requests must be received at least seven days prior to the event.

Deaf Student Responsibilities

Students who use sign language interpreters at Glendale Community College are advised to:

  • Submit your request for classroom interpreters four weeks prior to the start of class;

  • Contact the Supervisor of Interpreting Services if you will be late or absent from class;

  • Communicate with your instructor about your educational needs. If you don't tell them, they won't know!

  • Contact the DRS for assistance with other college services.


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