GCC student uses interpreting services in a classroom.

DRS Testing Information

How Students Schedule Tests

Students will only be able to schedule tests in DRS Connect when an instructor has submitted a Testing Contract for that class. Sign into your DRS Connect account using your MEID and Password. Go to Alternative Testing and complete the request to schedule an exam. If you are unable to schedule an exam through DRS Connect, contact the instructor to request a Testing Contract to be submitted to DRS, or call the DRS office at 623-845-3080, or email drsfrontdesk@gccaz.edu.

How Instructors Complete a Testing Contract and Submit Exams

Instructors will need to submit an online testing contract prior to students scheduling and taking exams in the DRS area. The link is found in your Instructor Notification Form (INF) email. When submitting a testing contract (using the link on the INF), you will automatically (upon submission) be directed to the home login page of DRS Connect. At this time, faculty can't login to DRS Connect but we hope to have this option available soon. Only one Testing Contract is needed to be submitted per class. 

You will be emailed a link each time a student schedules a test through DRS Connect.  This link will allow you to upload a test to the secure testing module in DRS Connect.  As always, please contact the DRS office at 623-845-3080 if there are any questions. 

Request for Interpreter Services (online form)

Complete this request form when you need an interpreter for a one-time event (like a class field trip or a public event on campus). 


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Mon. - Thurs. 8 a.m. - 5  p.m.