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Kevin Fitzgerald, M.Ed.


Contact Information

Office Number: 
Phone number: 
(623) 845-3942
Office Hours: 

Daily from 11-11:50 a.m.

My Biography

Classroom: lecture with student involvement, homework Q&A, student discovery, test review days
Homework: assigned daily, collected and graded daily
Testing: approximately 6 to 8 exams, midterm exam, final exam (not cumulative), partial credit given
Grading: tests, final exam
Calculators: can use in class, on homework, on tests, suggested calculator is TI-84

Classes I Teach

Spring 2017
Course Name Sect Campus
MAT108 Tutored Mathematics 11957 GCC MAIN
MAT108 Tutored Mathematics 11958 GCC MAIN
MAT121 Intermediate Algebra 11978 GCC MAIN
MAT151 College Algebra / Functions 12003 GCC MAIN
MAT151 College Algebra / Functions 12006 GCC MAIN
MAT182 Plane Trigonometry 12009 GCC MAIN