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David Seitz

Program or Group: 
Theatre Arts & Film
Additional Roles: 
Acting, Theatre Production, Cinema

Contact Information

Office Number: 
Phone number: 
(623) 845-3385

Classes I Teach

Spring 2016
Course Name Sect Campus
HUM205 Introduction to Cinema 13409 GCC MAIN
HUM205 Introduction to Cinema 13410 GCC MAIN
HUM210 Contemporary Cinema 13413 GCC MAIN
THF205 Introduction to Cinema 21242 GCC MAIN
THF205 Introduction to Cinema 21243 GCC MAIN
THF210 Contemporary Cinema 21245 GCC MAIN
THP112 Acting I 15134 GCC MAIN
THP201AA Theatre Production I 15124 GCC MAIN
THP201AB Theatre Production II 15128 GCC MAIN
THP212 Acting II 14838 GCC MAIN
THP281 Production & Acting I 15156 GCC MAIN
THP282 Production & Acting II 14839 GCC MAIN
THP298AA Special Projects 40036 GCC MAIN