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Course Deletion (CD)

Courses are deleted from the course catalog (course bank) by modifying their last year/term. This allows the course to be scheduled up to the last term, but not thereafter. The course remains in the course catalog for historical purposes and can no longer be scheduled.

Changing the last year/term is a two-phase process. Course modification proposals to delete courses usually appear on two District Curriculum Committee agendas. The proposals have two readings so that all colleges have the opportunity to review the proposed course deletion and the potential impact on programs, etc.

The two phases are as follows:

First Phase

  • Changes to last year/term require a first reading by the District Curriculum Committee. This means that when the course is initially proposed as a deletion, the District Curriculum Committee will receive a list of those courses but no action will be taken on them.

  • At the time the item appears on the agenda as a First Reading Item, it is the responsibility of the colleges to analyze the impact of this type of modification on their courses, programs, and their schedules and communicate with the initiating college to determine if the course should be removed from the agenda or change the effective last year/term of the proposal. If agreement is reached on the removal of the course from the agenda or change to year/term, this will be communicated to the Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation (CCTA) (by the CDF or Curriculum Technician) as soon as possible. The college should not wait until the release of the courses as Second Reading Items to communicate decisions made on changes to the course proposal.

  • If the approval of a new course is contingent upon changing last year/term for a current course in the catalog, the District Curriculum Committee may act upon the modification proposal when it is initially submitted, provided that no committee member objects.

Second Phase

  • Changes to last year/term require a second reading by the District Curriculum Committee before action is taken. Action is taken the month following the listing of the course on the District Curriculum Committee agenda as a First Reading Item. The course is then listed on the curriculum online agenda as a Second Reading Item.

  • An exception is the change to last year/term proposals submitted in May as First Reading Items. The District Curriculum Committee may take action on the May modifications to last year/term to facilitate the maintenance of the curriculum.

Steps to Delete a Course

  1. Consult with the department chair and instructional council representative(s) of your department (see list of members on the IC web site) before proceeding, to see if they will support the proposed course deletion. We can't stress enough how important this is! Communication with the IC beforehand helps to navigate through the curriculum process with greater success.

  2. Email Karen Conzelman and copy Yvonne McMillan with your intent to delete a course. Include the last year/term you wish for the course, and a rationale or reason for the deletion.

  3. Yvonne will create the formal proposal and email it to you and your department chair for review. Please review and reply with any corrections or edits (if applicable) or if the proposal is ready for processing.

Processing the Course Deletion Proposal

  1. Once you've approved the proposal, Yvonne will send it to the instructional council for their review and approval. The IC has ten days to review and vote on course proposals.

  2. The proposal will be placed on an upcoming meeting agenda of the College Curriculum Committee (see Curriculum Processing Calendar). You or someone familiar with your proposal should plan to attend that meeting to present it to the committee. The committee occasionally has questions that, if unanswered, can cause proposals to be tabled until the next meeting when someone can be there to answer them. This holds up the already lengthy curriculum process.

  3. Assuming that the IC and College Curriculum Committee approve your proposal, it will then be submitted to the CCTA to be placed on a DCC meeting agenda for a first reading. If the DCC approves the proposal, it will be placed on the next month's DCC agenda for a second reading. If the proposal is approved by the DCC after the second reading, it will be placed on the following month's Governing Board agenda for final approval.

  4. Once the course is Governing Board approved, the District IT department will enter the last year/term in the course catalog and the CCTA will enter the updated information on the CCTA web site, a process that usually takes two weeks. At that point, the course will no longer be available for scheduling in SIS.

Yvonne will send status updates to keep you informed of the proposal's progress throughout the curriculum process.

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