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College Technology Committee

05/09/06 Meeting Minutes

Amber Medrano
Web Support

Welcome and Opening Announcements

James welcomed the group. Everyone introduced themselves and their department to open the meeting.

SubCommittee and Technology Area Reports

OIT KC Hundere updated the group on the progress of the Network Refurbishment project. He stated that all the teams are active and working with consultants. Among other aspects of the project, they are currently working to implement the switch from Novell to Microsoft networked file sharing. He also explained the project's timeline:

  • May is for gathering resources
  • June is for assembly and development (build-it, break-it sandbox)
  • July is for testing and repair
  • August the network is ready.
  • KC noted that Softricity is about to be live and that May 22 is the first day of a week-long system administrator training for IT managers. He also stated that announcements about the Network Refurbishment project status will come periodically throughout the summer.

    James Abraham thanked Amber Medrano for taking the minutes this year. He solicited volunteers to take her place for next year. He mentioned that next fall someone needed to be dedicated to this as a primary responsibility so that the information can get out [to the campus] the next day. He suggested a virtual broadcast for the meeting (i.e. the dissemination of info in "real-time" as opposed to after the fact) might be one solution.

    Continuing Issues

    Technology Assessment Taskforce Update - Chuck Jeffery gave an update of the year-long process, and reviewed the outcomes of the final report by reading a brief summary from the soon-to-be published 100-page report. Among the issues cited, limited IT staffing was the largest issue across the board due to the competitive funding dynamics of the college budget allocation process. It was noted that positions in all employee groups must compete for funding each year with the equipment and services needed by the college. The initial recommendation of the TAT was for the college to develop funding strategies to invest in more positions as well as invest in current personnel resources by providing better training opportunities.

    Chuck continued to discuss other findings related to IT governance, software management, backup systems, planning and IT communications. It was noted that a need was identified to overhaul and define IT's governance structure as many aspects are unclear and not documented. It was further noted that student involvement in the college's technology processes should be encouraged and cultivated. The TAT recommended that an internal IT assessment be conducted every three years, with other areas related to technology to be included, like the LMC, satellite computer labs, and online hybrid instruction.

    The TAT final report release date was not clear, per Connie Sherman. She stated that the report was not completely prepared, but she would be meeting with the President to approve the immediate circulation of the report's summary (by tomorrow 5/10).

    A request from Marla DeSoto was noted not to release the report until faculty return in August. Another request from Roger Siggs was made to place the report online in order to have it out earlier (before fall). Email notification would be sent once it is posted so that faculty away for the summer could know and review it at their convenience. The information would be reintroduced at convocation (per Matt Ashcraft) and open discussions about the recommendations could be held over the course of the fall semester. The group agreed to this arrangement.

    GCC Website - Trish Vogel gave some information about the marketing initiatives being taken to increase FTSE for this Fall semester. She stated that there is a new collaboration among the District's west valley colleges to recruit students and the micro-websites are a big part of that. [Micro-websites are separate .com domains that are established for advertising purposes only. The content is primarily restricted to basic contact information and registration steps for the college. A direct link back to the official college site is always incorporated so that students can find their way back to the main campus website]. It was noted that the .com domains are used to help track the effectiveness of this new web-based advertising strategy. The current domain in use for this campaign is: The intent is to deliver distinct and brief advertising messages, targeting high schools and other first year students.

    Gary Calderone voiced a concern that potential students would have trouble transitioning from this website to the main website once they are enrolled students we don't want to confuse them as they continue to try to access the official site through a micro-site. KC mentioned that all we have to do is forward it to the main site once the marketing campaign is over. Trish stated the ad site will probably go away after the campaign is over, which is after classes start in August. She confirmed that the link to the main site will be programmed into the ad sites.

    Steve Williams gave an update on the presidentially appointed ad-hoc web redesign committee. He explained that there was a sense of urgency to continue on with the tasks of redesigning the official college home page and that the focus of the group is to meet with anyone who is interested to contribute input. He stated that a primary objective of the project is to increase FTSE by creating a greater ease of use [navigating the site] through limiting the amount of mouse-clicks to get to information. He noted that the next meeting would be the Tuesday following which is the soonest everyone's schedules could accommodate. He indicated that the group wants to implement a solution by the end of the month.

    Gary Marrer asked about the documented goals of the committee, citing that delivering content to students effectively should be one of them. Steve replied that the main goal, as communicated to the group by President Abel, was to increase FTSE for this Fall and the following Spring semesters.

    It was noted that Web Trends reports are available from the last several years, per Bobby Sample, however, only data from the last two years was in a consistent, decipherable format. He offered to pull the data from the last two years for the committee's use. The question was asked if this committee should receive regular updates on the web statistics of the main site? It was noted that this was not intended to be a permanent committee.

    A considerable amount of concern was noted regarding the awareness, representation and participation of faculty on this committee. Multiple attendees stated that they didn't know much about this initiative to redesign the site and wanted to know why more information had not been communicated about it before the last CTC meeting. Steve replied that they [the committee] tried to make sure every group was represented; there have only been two meetings and not much progress; representatives have not had a chance to go back to their departments/coworkers to solicit input yet; he would have like to have been done with that part by now. It was noted that many attendees were in favor of reprising the CTC Web Steering subcommittee. A request from Marla Desoto that no movements be made while faculty are away for the summer. She indicated that the committee needed to meet with all the faculty; and that the president needed to hear this suggestion. In defense of the request, she stated that collaboration takes time.

    Bobby Sample stated that he would no longer have a seat on the committee and that his involvement would be limited to the open process in meetings and second level technical support.

    Steve noted the committee member names and stated he would send the complete list via email:

  • Karen Conzelman
  • Mary Lou Massal
  • Connie Greenwell
  • Marla DeSoto
  • Randy Kimmins
  • Steve also reminded the group that the Online Hybrid Instruction meeting was scheduled for this Thursday 5/11 in the Teleconference room. Two sessions will be held to discuss the topic: 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm. The online hybrid committee will test the waters during this brainstorming meeting. The committee's ultimate task is to move towards standards and campus policy instead of individual department efforts to implement online course curriculum. It was noted that the Faculty Connection Center will have some involvement to facilitate the online program development. It was also noted that faculty on campus who have already successfully established online courses are to be consulted as key resource people. Steve indicated that compensation issues have not been solved as of yet, but part of the group's work is to document a policy and obtain approval for it.

    New Issues

    Opaque projectors Scott Kozak gave information on a new opportunity to provide manufacturers with feedback. If you use this technology, please contact him to test newer models and provide feedback this coming fall semester.

    Wiki John Kakritz informed the group that this newer web medium is being implemented in conjunction with the network redesign implementation to facilitate documentation; while faculty are also using it for instructional purposes. This Wiki is currently in pilot mode and the blog feature is not up yet. If you would like to have an account to wiki, please contact John at 53380. The web address to read the wiki is It was noted that the word "wiki-wiki" is Hawaiian for "fast"; the idea behind the Wiki web feature is that it is a collaborative documentation approach to write and share information. For examples already in use, Wikipedia is a great example.


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