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College Technology Committee

11/08/05 Meeting Minutes

Amber Medrano
Web Support

Welcome & Opening Announcements

James welcomed the group. Everyone introduced themselves and their department to open the meeting.

SubCommittee and Technology Area Reports

CRC Gary Calderone stated that the 2006/07 Recommendations document is posted to the CTC website as a working draft (see CTC minutes dated 11/3/05). The CTC accepted the document contingent on the Technology Assessment Taskforce findings and ultimate recommendations. It was noted that the CRC will reconvene after the TAT's recommendations to finalize the remaining technology purchase rankings.

OIT - KC Hundere reported that GCC Main and GCC North will have phone upgrades soon to enable Voice over IP (VoIP) functionality (no date specified). It has become necessary to enable phone trunking over the IP network because the District Office will be upgrading it's core network router on Saturday 12/3/05. Phones district-wide will be down that day during the upgrade, but will be operational again Sunday morning 12/4/05. Interruptions during the GCC upgrades will be kept to a minimum. It was noted that there will be no long distance dialing changes and that the main pieces of the phone system affected will be GCC North's system communication with GCC Main. After the upgrade, the campus will have ability to use phones on the main [data] network by plugging them into an Ethernet [data] port instead of a phone [analog] port on the wall-jacks. This functionality will have savings on future infrastructure budget demands.

It was noted that the department will upgrade network electronics in both HTC buildings as part of a scheduled December maintenance plan. More details will be forthcoming. KC continued to give updates about active directory training for specific employees, and plans for the student network redesign. KC also made reference to Rich Lang from the District Office, who is working with the department over the next year to assist with the student network redesign project among other things. KC indicated that the plan is to have the new student network in place for the Fall 2006 semester. He added that the network redesign team is working to understand the features that the college requires, and start from a clean slate to answer needs for 2006 instead of needs from 1995. He reiterated that it is a massive change and that the vision is still to allow any student to access any software and personal data from any computer on campus just by logging in. He stated that he will continually come back to CTC with updates about the schedule for implementation. On a final note, he announced that on Tuesday 11/22 there would be a meeting about directory design and a consultant from Cisco to discuss the physical layout.

Helpdesk Justin Bruce gave a quick update on the latest issues facing the Helpdesk. He stated that they are still preparing for the new SIS and writing FAQ's for the CIT committee's database for centralized, first level student helpdesk support at the District Office. He also indicated that his area is working with technicians to finish writing department procedures.

LMC - Frank Gonzalez asked about the capability of the current network to transmit video files. Roger Siggs replied that the capability to do so already exists, but no one has submitted any material for development. He further explained that the tools are in place (software, servers) but issues such as file format and standards have not been discussed. Specifically, two Windows streaming media servers are in the Innovation Center, but no one has made any requests. Frank and Scott Kozak refined the questions to inquire about bandwidth and storage space, noting that instructors are asking for students to be able to dial in from home to view lectures etc. Roger stated there are some limitations to the technology, especially in regards to what is available on the user's end to deliver the video in an off-campus environment, but again most of the tools are in place and the on-campus infrastructure is capable of handling it. Frank and Scott agreed to talk to Jim Daugherty about further developing this topic. It was noted that the topic would be an education process for those requesting the technology too to understand the functionality and integration aspects of it. KC mentioned that multicasting is much easier, but the requestor's requirements just need to be determined ahead of time. Marla Desoto stated that instructors needed to know about the available technology tools offered on campus because it will affect the future of online classes. KC and Roger S. stated that their departments welcome faculty to try out available technology and that they are open to working with everyone to develop these tools (from a user interface aspect). KC explained that the functionality of the network allows full connectivity to all servers, and a gigabit connection between HTC I, HTC II, and EC (to support new SIS). While some old building equipment needs to be upgraded too, the bandwidth is there to support the needs of the campus.

Scott continued to give updates from Media. He stated that technicians would be replacing all the vcr and dvd players on campus with combo players. The process will be slow, however, due to some budget constraints.

Instructional Computing Sue Murry stated that the HTC's are closed Friday 11/11 for the Veterans Day holiday, but will reopen Saturday and Sunday. The buildings will be closed again on Thursday 11/24 for Thanksgiving, but they will remain closed the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

TED - Karen Russo informed the group of a Blackboard training session on Thursday 11/10 at 1pm. The session is open to the campus.

Continuing Issues

Technology Assessment Taskforce update: the final plans are being received from team leaders. The most daunting task so far has been to consolidate efforts across the Areas of Interest. It was noted that a team leader meeting would be scheduled soon. David Cost mentioned that some taskforce groups have nothing listed on the online discussion boards. He stated that there were issues he wanted to bring up, but he was concerned about being redundant (if the taskforce had already looked into the same issues but hadn't answered questions about them online yet). It was noted that people were not posting questions to the discussion board partly because it is not part of their culture. It was suggested that reminders about the board could be sent via email and a link posted to the CTC website.

New Issues

Hybrid and Online Courses were discussed. James asked about whom to approach for development? He noted that there was no place on this campus to get that information and continued to ask how the situation could be remedied. Sue responded that some faculty that had pursued it individually for their courses could talk to their Dean of Instruction for questions about compensation. Marla Desoto mentioned that there was no standardization or official administrative support for faculty to pursue Hybrid/Online curriculum development and course resources. Sue responded that the FCC (Faculty Connection Center) wants to offer this. Marla agreed, but stated that the efforts are delayed since the room HT2-125 is being used to temporarily house 05 flood victims in addition to other issues with the Palette. She cited past efforts of faculty to generate support and validate need with a committee and subgroup last year, but the efforts were met with only limited support from administration. Blackboard was a positive first step, but she feels that the Hybrid/Online development effort as a whole has run into block walls. She indicated that there was still an email distribution list of supporters, but an official Office of Online and Distance Learning is desperately needed to be effective. James stated that the campus would be waiting for the TAT recommendations on this topic as well. Marla reminded the group that its in the recommendations and plans of the CTC and CRC, but no one has gotten behind it by committing dollars for staffing or physical resources. It was noted that the TAT may be the best vehicle to respond to the issue. Karen Russo stated that the End User group was the best one to review the topic. Marla reiterated that administration would need to support TAT recommendations on the topic as well. It was noted that a reorganization of IT departments may be one of the recommendations of TAT to answer this and other topics of concern. It was speculated that such reorganization would significantly affect TED, with a possibly smaller impact on OIT.

Technology On Campus

Presentation and Demo Michelle Shivnani gave a brief demonstration of the newest version of Blackboard to showcase the latest feature changes. It was noted that Karen R. would be doing a longer training on Thursday 11/10.

Adjourned: 3:45pm


Next meeting: December 13th 2005, 2:30pm in the HT1-Teleconference Room


Tara LaCasta-Revell; Frank Gonzalez; Sue Murry; Roger Siggs; Mark Edgar; James Abraham; Michelle Shivnani; Cyril Azoulay; Justin Bruce; Roger Bontrager; Marie Villarba; Marla DeSoto; Dorene Kessler; Brendan Regan; John Kakritz; Chett Gunkel; Karen Russo; KC Hundere; David Cost

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