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CTC 12/09/03 Meeting Minutes

College Technology Committee Meeting Tuesday December 9th, 2003

I. CTC Business

MLX – Maricopa Learning Exchange Demonstration

MCLI – Alan Levine

This month's meeting started with a presentation by Alan Levine of MCLI. Alan has worked on a number of technology issues for the district and came to this month's meeting to present a demonstration of a Maricopa Learning Exchange (MLX). MLX is tool developed by MCLI to facilitate the exchange of education information across disciplines and colleges in the Maricopa Committee College District. MLX provides an easy to use searchable database of learning artifacts where MLX users can extract everything from lectures, staff studies, class assignments, multimedia files, and other items that could improve the learning process.

MLX could be considered a precursor to a system based on learning objects. Learning objects are one of the initiatives of the Ocotillo Committee. Learning objects allow for the reuse of learning objects.

Alan demonstrated how to interact with MLX and showed how easy it was to add content to the existing database. He also demonstrated the flexibility of search features which allows the user to use “canned” queries to extract artifacts by college or discipline (examples of these queries can be found on the MCLI MLX web site)..

Alan informed everyone of the “Great Race” promotion that has made prizes available to both colleges and individuals that are the high MLX contributors of the month. Alan also talked about a new technology being implemented with MLX called RSS which allows for the most recent MLX posts by discipline or by college to be read on a web page or via a RSS newsreader. RSS content can be placed on the department or college web sites to communicate to staff of recent MLX posts. I have placed a RRS news feed on Glendale MLX contributions on the CTC links web page. There numerous web pages on the MCLI web site discuss the benefits of MLX long with how to take advantage of this new technology. Check out the MCLI links on the CTC Links pages for those links. Alan’s presentation can also be found on the CTC Links page.

Gary finished the CTC Monthly business with a short discussion of the proposed planning initiatives consolidated from the planning session held in November. A short review of the main categories was presented. Meeting attendees were encouraged to visit the CTC website to read the full text. Discussion on these proposed initiatives will continue in the Spring 2004.

CTC Meeting Date Change: Based on the November feedback forms which polled everyone for a new meeting day/time, we have tentatively assigned the third Tuesday of each month as the date for the CTC Meeting. The meeting will start at 2:30 p.m. and finish at 4:00 and will be held in High Tech Center 1, room 124

II. Service Area Reports

Center for Innovation

J. Daugherty

Jim provided an update of the wireless project. New hardware that was received has been installed and is currently undergoing testing. Everything looks for a good with a target date of campus wide implementation of Spring 2004. Several wireless access points have already been stalled across the campus.

The Spring Palette image is essentially complete and is available for testing in the Innovation Center. Anyone who has software running on the Palette as part of their class instruction should plan on visiting the Innovation Center prior to the start of the Spring semester to test their software running on the new image.

Instructional Computing

Sue Murry

Some pointed out that holiday hours have been posted for High Tech Center 1 and High Tech Center 2. High Tech Center 2 will remain closed until the start of the new semester and High Tech Center 1 will be closed over the Christmas holiday. Students and staff should check the posed schedules for High Tech Center 1.

Network Computing

KC Hundere

KC announced that some telephone upgrades would be taking place in the near future. These upgrades would constitute no change in the operation of the phone system or impact staff on campus. These changes are system upgrades only.

Over the break Network Service will also be doing several server upgrades. The server updates will be announced in advance to minimize the impact on campus computing.

Information on network services of events and upgrades can be found at the Network Services website. This link can be found on the CTC links page.

Training and employee development

Deborah Krumtinger

Deborah communicated to the Group that there were be a number of Midas workshops available during the last weeks of the Fall semester and the first weeks of the Spring semester. The group reviewed the importance of both staff and students to have training on Midas. The District and College were continuing to develop more paperless processes which mean that grading information may only be available on Midas and not on paper as in the past.

Library and Media Services

Frank Gonzalez

Frank brought us up to date on a couple projects the library staff had been working on in 2003. Library continues to look at streaming video options. There area also plans to demonstrate the new IMLS systems for CTC in the Spring with plans to go live in the Summer of 2004. In conjunction with Network Services, the library is working on testing IP controllable projection systems to more effectively support the dated projection systems installed around campus. The Library is also working with Network Services in providing new videoconferencing capabilities with other District campuses

III. Committee reports

Ocotillo -

Gary Marrer

Gary summarized the findings of the hybrid epilogue day. Every college in the district had representatives participating in panel discussions (John Gibson represented GCC) and future Ocotillo initiatives will try to capitalize on the synergy of epilogue day meetings. Gary will summarize in February upcoming Ocotillo events.

Teaching in technology issues Committee –

J. Gibson, M. DeSoto

The CTCTL is currently discussing the "definitions" used in delivering alternative courses at GCC. This is especially important since the new student system is now proposing similar definitions to drive student registration. Will these work for future GCC courses? Mary Lou has asked us for feedback. She is also gathering more information (from the District project group) to answer initial questions. Marla has proposed that the major web course pioneers in the different departments also get together to compare notes. We are having great difficulty finding a time when everyone on the CTCTL can get together. Marla has establish a web-based discussion group that may help us bridge those difficulties. We also have a distribution list which will be used to contact everyone for feedback. A few of us are continuing to collect information from other campuses about how they support online courses. This is our next discussion item.

Student Services and Administrative Services

Nothing to report

Web Steering Committee

L. Newman

The Web Steering Committee has been working to develop a new set of templates to be used by GCC faculty to ease in the development of faculty websites.

Capital Request Committee

J. Abraham

Nothing to Report

Happy Holidays Everyone…..

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