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Draft Proposal of CTC Technology Direction Statement

CTC Technology Initiatives


"Access Everywhere Technologies"

- The ability to provide the student and staff with GCC network access from any location on campus via a wireless device (i.e. PDA or laptop computer).

- Hard wire network access from all campus classrooms and social areas to GCC computer resources.

- Improved Laptop availability by allowing staff and students to checkout laptops for temporary use.

"State of the Art GCC Infrastructure"

- Presence of high-availability, high-security networking connections that facilitate Internet based high bandwidth learning alternatives.

- A remote connection capability for help desk staff and system support staff to remotely assist in the resolution of the student or staff system problem.

"Commitment to Hybrid and on-line learning Resources"

GCC Campus initiative to determine "best of breed" and most flexible on-line/hybrid course management software alternatives.

- Development of remote networking capability to access on site systems such as the Palette that do not change "look and feel" campus systems (i.e. Citrix).

- Course management software that integrates all communications, discussions, file storage facilities.

"Keeping up with hardware"

- Continued computerization of learning areas with special emphasis on areas and departments which are currently underserved.

- Create funding mechanisms for replacement of critical capital resources such as data show projectors.

- Development of newer technologies like streaming video and audio to present more Internet based learning alternatives.


"Support of I/T"

- An appreciation of the strategic importance of information technology (I/T) from both and administrative and instructional computing standpoint.

- Development of one coordinated strategic plan managing I/T resources (Staff and Technology). X Creation of professional and financial incentives to prevent I/T staff from leaving GCC.

"Support is key"

- Expanded help desk support systems with 24 X7 support coverage.

- One Help Desk phone number to be used by student and staff to call in any Network Services, Innovation Center, High Tech Center or Maintenance problem.

- One trouble ticket system that supports all Help Desk problem resolution.

"Commitment to Hybrid and on-line learning Staff"

- A Campus wide appreciation of on-line and hybrid learning and its importance to the college's future success.

- Establishment of Coordinators and Instructional Specialists to develop hybrid, distance, on-line and OE courses.

"Training to be the best"

- New training options for staff that include mini workshops, summer sessions and weekend sessions in areas like Midas, Dreamweaver, HTML and web page design.

- An appreciation that adjunct faculty need training options designed for adjunct faculty.

"The best users are trained"

- Provide more training on key student systems such as the Palate and Midas.

- Provide a round-the-clock computer support for distance learners who have problems with GCC Technology.

- Commitment to develop trained Instructional Advisers to understand the systems that are used in the classroom.

- Provide better on-line web-based services for distance learners in the areas of Registration, Advisement, Disability Services and Financial Aid.

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