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CTC 10/14/2003 Meeting Minutes

College Technology Committee Meeting Tuesday October 14th

I. CTC Business

G. Marrer

-The meeting opened with a discussion of most effective way for CTC to submit technology plans for the next three and five years out. Gary had expressed his concern that technology planning was taking place in other college wide committees and wanted to avoid the duplication of effort. It did not appear that any other group was doing exactly the same kind of survey (the Futures Committee has been collecting data also) and that the CTC, as a group who focuses on technology in learning, should provide input to the administration and GCC Technology service groups.

-Gary suggested that perhaps rather than another subgroup a better alternative was to take one of the monthly CTC meetings and devote that meeting to developing a plan. He suggested that we could dedicate November's meeting towards a planning session and probably complete at least a one page list of suggestions at that meeting. It has also been suggested that we could take our findings and present them in a campus wide survey to determine the level of interest in each of out proposals. We could present the survey to all GCC staff during Spring convocation and administer the survey electronically via the Network Services web site. The group decided that the November meeting would be dedicated to planning with plans to use the findings in a Spring 2004 survey.

-It was also suggested that the CTC meeting be changed from the second Tuesday in the month to the First or Third Tuesday of the month starting in January of 2004. The second Tuesday meeting date, although traditional, has been increasingly in conflict with other meetings on campus. Gary asked everyone to consider these two d ates and would make a final decision as a group in November.

-The CTC web page is alive and well in although is still undergoing some changes, it will begin to reflect monthly minutes and other important CTC information. This page is accessible via the employee page or at Gary suggested that if any groups wanted to have their page linked from the CTC web page, they should let Gary know via an email with the link address. He felt that having Sub-Group links near the minutes would make it easier for people to move from the minutes directly to more detailed information on the group's web site (and potentially making CTC minutes shorter).

-Gary announced in December that Alan Levine from MCLI will provide a demonstration of MLX. MLX is a learning tool which allows Maricopa faculty and staff that to create content that may be shared across the district (similar to what is available with Learning Objects). This demonstration has been done on campus in the past but never specifically for the CTC. As the movers and shakers technology, this group seems ideally suited to hear about this District initiative.

II. Service Area Reports

Center for Innovation

J. Daugherty

-Jim said the Wireless Project continues to move forward. A new gateway called BlueSock has been added. Nine access points are available and accessible with a palette userid and password. Jim made it clear that all the wireless connectivity uses a pallet user name and password for security only. The wireless connection would not provide Palette access but would provide the student with the same Internet functionality to GCC resources as they would have at home. This will allow them to FTP files to their Palette H drive, access and GCC student e-mail via the Internet e-mail interface and access other tools such as Midas.

-Jim and his staff have been reviewing the current state of the Palette have determined that it needs to be rewritten from scratch. Given the number of changes, bolt-ons, improvements made in the Palette, it is becoming recently more difficult to support the Palette without going back and rebuilding it based on today's requirements. There has been no date set for this activity as of yet.

-Jim reiterated to the Group that it was still Innovation Centers plan to have Office 2003 available in Fall 2004. Gary had commented that he was certain that faculty and staff would be willing to assist in the testing of the software as was done in the past.

-Bobby Sample from the Innovation Center had been busy reorganizing the campus website and presented what he had completed so far to the Web Steering Committee (see below).

-Theresa Hilding had officially moved from the Innovation Center back to Network Services.

Instructional computing - Nothing to report

Network computing - Nothing to report

Training and employee development - Nothing to report

Library and media services - Nothing to report

III. Committee reports

Ocotillo -

-Gary reported that there were a couple Ocotillo initiatives which everyone should be familiar with if they're interested in hybrid learning. The first item is a Dialogue Day training session on Effective Teaching a Hybrid Environments. This Dialogue Day is scheduled for the 23rd in 24th of October at a EMCC and Rio Salado CC respectively from 8:00 to 4:00 p.m... In conjunction with this Dialogue Day, The Ocotillo Chairs will be meeting November 14th and presenting an Epilogue Day to continue the dialogue generated from Dialog Days. During this meeting, a panel discussion of faculty across the District who have implemented hybrid learning classes will be facilitated

-Gary also mentioned On-Line Learning Subgroup of Ocotillo will be meeting this month at EMCC on November 7th at 1:30. This group is been very active (typically with 40-50 people across the District attending) and a great way to get started or share ideas with others who were working with on-line learning.

Teaching in technology issues Committee

M. DeSoto

-Marla DeSoto reported for the group indicating that they had their first meeting this past Monday. This subgroup of the CTC meets the Monday before the CTC meeting and discussed these issues facing the campus in introducing on-line and hybrid learning.

Student Services and Administrative Users - nothing to report

Web steering committee

L. Newman

-The Web Steering Committee was given a demonstration of the new GCC Campus Homepage by Bobby Sample ( Lynn reported that what she had seen and felt it looked very good. The new site included more dynamic content (both pictures and text) to give the visitor this sense of constantly changing content. The menuing had been reorganized. The launch of the new GCC homepage appears near and is pending feedback from various groups. Occupational staff in the Web Steering Committee meeting were concerned about the visibility of Occupational programs on home page and Bobby has already responded with changes to make those programs more visible and prominent on the page.

Capital Request Committee

J. Abraham

-Jim informed us that they had their first meeting. The bulk of the requests seemed to involve the acquisition of new data show equipment (approximately 40 units). Their plan is to have a completed budget available for ratification by the CTC the first week in November. A special CTC meeting has been scheduled for the first Thursday of the month to vote on that budget. Details to follow.

Futures Committee

C. Cohen

-Charlotte Cohen of the Library Media Center and representative on the Futures Committee presented an internal Environmental scanning survey for this CTC to consider. This survey asks three questions. What are the most pressing issues/concerns with which you are dealing? What can the college to address these issues/concerns? And finally, what do you see as the most important trends? Charlotte asked for any survey input to be given to her at the meeting or via an e-mail by Friday October 17th at

Gary Marrer CTC Chair

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