Counseling Services helps a student take career assessment.

Career Counseling

What career is the best fit for your talents, interests and personality? Career assessment tools help you identify interest areas and talents, explore career options and clarify your professional goals. 

Visit our office to take a career assessment. It takes about a half hour to complete. Afterwards we will meet with you to review and interpret the results.

Assessment Tools

Maricopa Career Planning System - Students or anyone changing careers can use this free, online tool to take career assessments, research occupations, search educational programs, develop a resume and create a portfolio.

Strong Interest Inventory - measures interests, not abilities, by comparing your likes and dislikes to people who are satisfied in specific careers. It provides insight about interests, career motivators, skills confidence, and personal style.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - identifies your personality type based on preferences in four categories and help you build awareness of which careers will serve as an outlet for your most natural self.

COPS (Career Occupational Preference System) - measures job activity preferences in fourteen clusters of related occupations. Questions are based on job activity descriptions. This test helps to define interests in terms of occupational areas.

StrengthsQuest - helps you identify personal strengths and then act on your talents. Use StrengthsQuest to improve grades, increase learning, and determine a rewarding career path.

Fees for Assessment Tools
Test Cost to Student Cost to Non-Student
Strong Interest Inventory $16 $20
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator $11 $15
COPS  $5 $10
StrengthsQuest $15 $20


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