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GCC Forensic Team Takes Top Honors At International Tournament in Berlin, Germany—March 2010

Over Spring Break, GCC's Forensics Team won First Place in the world among community colleges and Fourth overall at the 2010 International Forensics Association Tournament in Berlin, Germany. Forensics is the study and practice of various speech activities such as informative and persuasive public speaking, impromptu speaking,  interpretation of prose and poetry, communication analysis, as well as formal debate.  Each member of the GCC team made it to the final round.

Awards were won by GCC students:

MADISON ALEXANDER : 3rd in Prose Interpretation;
ELIZABETH CALVERT: 1st in Communication Analysis
ANNA LUDLUM: 4th in Poetry Interpretation
MICHAEL LUGO: 6th in Impromptu Speaking and 3rd in German Abstract Expressionism
BJORN LUNDBERG: 2nd in Communication Analysis and 6th in Persuasive Speaking
DANIELLE SAENZ: 6th in Informative Speaking

GCC bested schools such as Arizona State University, Casper College, Clark College, Clemson University, Evangel University, San Diego Mesa College, University of Mississippi, Suffolk University, the United States Air Force Academy and Patrick Henry College. In the overall school sweepstakes, GCC placed fourth after George Mason University, Pacific University Oregon and Texas Southern University.

Kirt Shineman is the GCC Forensic Team faculty advisor; Dept. of Communication & World Languages.

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