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The Department of Communication and World Languages includes faculty who teach human communication and a variety of world languages (Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese & ASL). 

We are located in the O-2 office building, east and north of the bookstore; south of the Library Media Center. (Campus Map)

Our Mission

Excellence in communication in any language contributes to success in all aspects of personal, professional, and civic life. In the Department of Communication and World Languages, students focus on communication practice, theory, and research ranging from public speaking, interpersonal, to cultural and business contexts. The programs in world languages emphasize oral and written proficiency while developing knowledge of the target language's culture and literature.

The curriculum helps students focus on the exchange of ideas and strategies needed to make a difference in contemporary society. Rooted in the humanities and social sciences and in the mastery of speaking and writing skills,as well as local and global culture, our programs balance a solid grounding in theory with practical training in specific professional skills. Along with class work, students undertake projects and community activities that help develop and apply their knowledge in the working world. Most courses take place at the GCC Main campus, but students who want to study at the GCC North campus or online will also experience similar expert professors.

The Department of Communication and World Languages seeks to ensure its students master communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills that reflect a long oral tradition as well as form the basis for a solid college education--skills that prepare students for leadership in a global environment. As students learn to research points of view competently, analyze them intelligently, articulate them clearly and persuasively, and work collaboratively with others, they learn also to appreciate the ethical dimensions of their own and others’ cultural practices.

Are You Prepared for the Future?

What Can Study in Communication or World Languages Do For You?

Ken Kay, Executive Director, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, says: “50 years ago, people had one or two jobs in their lifetime. Today, people are going to have 10-15 jobs in their lifetime.”

What skills will help you adapt and be flexible to successfully navigate these predicted changes in your lifetime? In the rapidly changing job market, career success requires the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Understanding how communication works within organizations, small groups and between individuals has also been identified as essential.  Employers consistently cite communication skills as the major requirement for success in professional careers.
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