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Bel Quiros-Winemiller

Dr. Bel Quirós-Winemiller Leads
Summer Language and Culture Program in China 2010

Beijing, China

Dates: May 22--July 3, 2010

Description: Students will experience China first hand in Beijing, including its history, art, culture and language. Beijing is considered by Chinese, tourists and scholars as the most cosmopolitan and historically rich city in the country, with the most important universities. Students will study Chinese at Renmin University, and have opportunities to meet and dialog with local Chinese students at English Corner, located at the Quishi Garden within Renmin's campus. Cultural excursions will include visits to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Peking Opera, and Bei Hai Park, among many others.

Course Enrollment:
CHI101--Beginning Chinese I, 5 cr.
CHI102--Beginning Chinese II, 5 cr.
CHI201--Intermediate Chinese, 5 cr.

Prerequisites: CHI102 requires CHI101 or equivalent;
CHI201 requires CHI102, equivalent, or permission of instructor.

Temple of Heaven

Approximate Cost: $2,462 *

For More Information Contact:
Dr. Bel Quirós-Winemiller
Glendale Community College
Dr. Bel Quirós-Winemiller's web-site

Global Engagement: Advantages of Education Abroad

Education abroad opens your window to the world, broadening your horizon and exposing you to new and diverse viewpoints. As you leave the comfort zone of home to embrace a foreign culture, you will gain a fresh perspective of yourself and the world you live in, and return with a mind open to new ways of thinking and new depths of understanding.

You can earn college credit while experiencing other cultures and languages. Education abroad is a great way to enrich your summer, have a life-changing experience, and improve your language skills while advancing toward your college degree.

Future employers will value your international experience. Employers today actively seek out graduates with a resume that includes education abroad, because they value employees with an international knowledge base as well as foreign language skills. It is particularly important if you are considering a career in business, international relations, or government service.

Education abroad programs promote global citizenship. Inernational education experiences will deepen your understanding of global affairs, and help you feel more connected to the larger world. You will be more inclined to make decisions from a global perspective. Students who leave the country to immerse themselves in an international education experience return transformed, and often moved to play an important role in building a better world.

Education abroad programs are fun! You'll get to visit beautiful places, meet new and interesting people, see amazing sights, experience personal growth, think outside the box, stretch yourself a little, and have a lot of fun in the process.

Try it! You'll never be the same.

From: Maricopa Community Colleges Student Education Abroad Program Catalog 2010
Maricopa Community Colleges District International Education Office
The Maricopa Community Colleges are EEO/AA Institutions.


* The costs for these programs are approximate. The actual costs may vary, depending upon residency status, number of credits taken, and other factors.

Financial aid and scholarships are available for many education abroad opportunities. Contact your Financial Aid Office for available financial aid. For scholarship information, contact your college's International Education Office. (Glendale Community College: Ken Bus: 623-845-3136).



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