The Department of Communication and World Languages

Department Chair: Dr. Jim Reed, 02-102, (623) 845-3631

Assistant Chair--Communication: Dr. Pam Joraanstad, 02-131, (623) 845-3773

Assistant Chair--World Languages: Dr. Bel Quirós-Winemiller, 02-116, (623) 845-3744

Assistant Chair--American Sign Language: Wanda Walding, 02-108, (623) 845-3640

Department Secretary: Carol Williams, 02-128, (623) 845-3745

Adjunct Communication Faculty Email
Jay Arntson
Roxan Barr
Martin Bencic
Lori Bevan
John Burk
Robert Christian (Bob)
Irene Clegg
Linda Daugs-Renner
Jessica Farmer
Kenneth Farrell
Kimberly Feld
Janice Graham (Jan)
Susan High
Michael Hogan
Olivia Kershaw
Raymond Kessler
Marilyn Lee
Diana Lime
Ted Lloyd
Victoria Sebade
Kelly Sindel
Linda Stewart
Janet Waldron
Lori Westergard
Rachel Williams

Adjunct World Languages Faculty Email
Hilda Cabrera De Coronado
Mei-Kuei Cruise
Federico Salvatore
Mariel Forrest
Tomomi Hayashi
Patricia Hoeffer
William Lansburg
Ling-Chuan Liu
Anna Macro
Tina Manumaleuga
Peggy Marko-Sprague
Bryan Miley
David Miller
Danielle Murray
Gerry Navarro
Reginald Ormsby (Rae)
Patty Pang
Laura Terry
Shigeko Toyota
Jerry Wood
Susana Zaragoza-Huerta
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