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Chemistry 130 - Fundamental Chemistry (Lecture and Lab)

CHM 130 Lecture-- common website link for all those enrolled in CHM130 lecture. Instructor's individual sites are listed below.

Links will take you directly to instructors' websites

Course Coordinator Kim Smith 623-845-4769
Instructors Ali Aliabadi 623-845-4679
  Debra Arford  
  Kyle Baughman  
  Christina Clark  
  Lisa Diebolt 623-845-3573
  Christina Gillaspie  
  Dean Gundersen  
  Sandy Harness  
  Galyna Kufryk  
  Debbie Leedy 623-845-4770
  Shikha Manchanda  
  Fritz Mickadeit  
  Rosy Muftikian  
  Tina Palmer  
  Dana Perry  
  Catalina Popisteanu  
  Amber Riendeau  
  Jason Stewart 623-845-3260
  Robert Strelau  
  Ed Vizzini  
  William Wingo