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Cashier's Office

I Wish I Had Known...

  • There are several Payment Options available. All payment options can be selected by signing onto my online student account at

    If I need assistance or have questions about TUITION AND FEE PAYMENTS, I can contact ...

    • Questions regarding my student account:

      Contact Cashiers at (623) 845-3589 OR Contact the Cashier's Office by E-Mail.

    • Questions about Financial Aid : Financial Aid (623) 845-3366
    • Questions about a VA Benefits: Veteran's Affairs Office (623) 845-3363
    • Payment Plan- Questions about an existing plan: Contact NEL NET Business Solutions (800) 609-8056

  • I wish I had known more about FINANCIAL AID...
    • Apply early! I can apply in January for financial aid I need for Fall, Spring and Summer of the next school year.
    • I should check with Financial Aid several weeks before school starts to make sure they are not waiting for me to take care of something. I can do this by visiting my Student Center at
    • If my financial aid is not awarded by the date my tuition is due, my classes will be subject to enrollment cancellation.
    • If I know my financial aid will not be awarded by the tuition due date time, I have other Payment Options.
    • There are several scholarships available through GCC and the Maricopa Community College Foundation.

  • I wish I had known more about DROP DATES and REFUNDS...
    • Registration secures my seat in class whether I attend or not.
    • Failure to withdraw from a class after registering, regardless of non-attendance or non-payment, does NOT release me from my financial obligation.
    • Not all instructors will drop me if I do not attend the first class and I will still be responsible for full payment (even if the instructor says they will drop me as a "no show").
    • If I am on the Payment Plan and withdraw or am dropped from a class after the Schedule Adjustment Period I will still be responsible for the entire balance owed on my account. Payments will continue to be collected until the balance of my student account is paid in full.
    • If a class is cancelled, or if I drop a class before the refund deadline, I must call the Cashier's office to request my refund - it is not automatically sent to me.

    Student ID cards

  • Are obtained in the Enrollment Center at GCC Main or at the Student Services "Chinle" Bldg. at GCCN.
  • Are free for first-time students.
    • Replacement cards are $5.00.

  • I could have saved time at the BOOKSTORE (map) if I had known ...
    • That the campus Bookstore is not run by GCC and that I needed a separate form of payment. The Bookstore accepts checks, cash and credit cards.
    • That when I view my class schedule at my.Maricopa I can also view a list of the books I will need.

  • I could have saved time and money on PARKING if I had known...
    • Parking decals are not required.
    • Students will receive parking tickets when parking in Employee parking during posted hours.
    • That pulling through or backing into a parking space is a violation and may result in a ticket.
    • That I cannot park in Carpool spaces unless I have a special tag from Public Safety
    • If anyone parks my car in a Visitor space, even on a day I don't have classes, I may get a ticket.
    • Parking tickets are approximately $25.00 for each violation.
    • Parking ticket fines double after 15 business days. I cannot appeal a parking ticket after it doubles.

  • I wish I had known I could...

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