Fiscal Office

The Fiscal Office supports the GCC personnel by assisting with procurement, policy compliance, and department accounting. Our goal is to provide employees with the tools and guidance necessary to secure the goods and services essential to providing a quality learning experience to our diverse student population.

Contact the Fiscal Office for questions about travel, Procard, FMS and purchasing procedures. You may also find answers to many of your questions by accessing the information provided in the links below.

Cash Advances

A Cash Advance request is made through FMS. The standard cash advance limit is $500.00. Only one cash advance per person may be outstanding at a time. Original receipts are required for all expenses. If students are issued per diem funds from the cash advance you must complete the Cash Advance Trip Receipt in lieu of meal receipts. Cash advances for special events must have an approved Official Function Form attached. All remaining funds must be turned into the Fiscal Office no more than 5 days after the event or return from travel. The cash advance must be reconciled in FMS with an Expense Report within 5 days after the event or 30 days after return from travel.

Event Cash Boxes

The Fiscal Office supports college activities that require cash boxes, including concessions, athletic events, performing arts events, and club activities. Request a cash box a minimum of five (5) days prior to the date of the event and provide a completed Petty Cash voucher. The request should specify the dollar amount along with any specific denominational requests. Individuals handling cash must be board approved and have completed the Annual Cash Handling Disclosure and must adhere to Administrative Regulation 1.17 Cash Handling.

After both forms are complete (there are no signatures required on the access form), please attach them to an email and send to

FMS Requisitions

Please be detailed on the requisition lines. The description field should include a specific description of your item, product numbers, pertinent information to the supplier, names of travelers dates, and prepayment notations. With the exception Blanket Purchase Orders, quotes are to be attached to all requisitions.

Types of FMS Requisitions:

  • Blanket - Blanket Requisitions are used for small goods purchases that are bought often (i.e., maintenance and office supplies) or for routine services (i.e., monthly service agreements).  The campus Fiscal office can create blanket PO's, up to $5,000. However, a single item cannot exceed $1,000 due to capital threshold restrictions.
  • Goods - Goods are for tangible items, normally received through the college's Receiving department.  These items will go through an on-line receiving process by the Receiving department. If the items are sent directly to your department, please notify the Receiving department.  Also, please include separate requisition lines for tax and shipping costs. These lines should be set up as service-dollars (see below). If the price of the items does not include shipping, please note this on one of the requisition lines.
  • Service Dollars - Service-Dollars are for services, prepayments, and items that will not be received through the Receiving department - such as fees, dues, honorariums, team advances, reimbursements, subscriptions, etc.

For additional FMS training documents, please visit MaricopaTechnology Training.

Petty Cash

Only Governing Board approved MCCCD employees may request Petty Cash. Receiving Petty Cash is the requestor’s authorization to make a purchase or place an order. Therefore, the requestor must have an approved Petty Cash voucher and have received Petty Cash prior to placing any order or making any purchase.

Pick up a Petty Cash Form at the Cashier's window. Fill out the form and have it signed by the department chair/manager. Return the completed from to the Cashier's window to receive cash. There is a $100.00 limit per Petty Cash voucher, and only one Petty Cash voucher per FMS account is allowed at one time. Once Petty Cash has been received, the requestor is responsible for making all purchases and returning the Petty Cash voucher, all original receipts (unaltered and indicating ‘paid’), and any remaining Petty Cash to the Cashier’s Office within five (5) business days.

Only purchases for official college business are allowed on receipts. Failure to return the Petty Cash voucher, appropriate receipts, and any remaining Petty Cash within five (5) business days may result in the requestor having to reimburse the college, receiving a suspension of Petty Cash use, and/or undergoing administrative disciplinary action.

Fiscal Services Forms
MCCCD Annual Travel Disclosure Travel Disclosures must be completed at each Fiscal year.
Per Diem Rates – Domestic Travel

Personal vehicle mileage reimbursement rates; transportation, lodging and meal reimbursement rates. GCC does not require a travel authorization form for in-county travel. If the in-county travel involves an activity with a registration fee, there must be a signed PO or Procard expense in place prior to traveling. This change does not apply to group travel, i.e. field trips and team travel.

For more information, review MCCCD travel regulation 1.15

Per Diem Rates – Foreign Travel

International transportation, lodging and meal reimbursement rates.


FMS Travel Authorization & Professional Growth Application

Field Trip Travel

Trip Receipt Meals

Official Function Expense Documentation Form Use this form to document expense decisions for activities or items that are subject to the MCCCD Administrative Regulation on Official Functions.
Contract for Professional Services

Instructions for Professional Services Contract

Professional Services Contract Form

Vendor Resources   Vendor resources websiteSupplier Registration Portal, Vendor Certificate of Insurance requirements, Vendor W-9 form

For additional FMS training documents, please visit MaricopaTechnology Training.




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