Online Resources for Biology Courses

  • Scientific Method Program

  • BIO 156 Self-Tests
    (If you are enrolled in a BIO156 course, your username is your last name (all lower case) and your password is your MEID. If you are unable to login, please contact Dr. Conzelman with your name, course section number, instructor's name, and your MEID).
    If you are working at a computer off-campus, you will need to verify that Java is installed on your machine to use any of the self-tests above. You can download a copy at java.com

  • Clickable Anatomy Quizzes
    (Note: You must be enrolled in a BIO201 course to access these materials. You will need to know your MEID and MEID password)

  • Tres Rio Wetlands Image Gallery

  • cricket
  • Canvas

Other online resources may be available from faculty's web pages.


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