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Associated Student Government

ASG Constitution

Glendale Community College Associated Student Government Constitution Approved on November 15, 2011 Effective Fall 2011

Article Number Content
Article I Name
Article II Purpose
Article III Seal
Article IV Membership
Article V Advisor
Article VI Club Senators
Article VII Amendments to the Constitution
Article VIII ByLaws
Article IX Ratification
Article X Interpretation

Article I: Name
The name of the association is the Associated Students (AS) of Glendale Community College (GCC). The name of the Associated Student's elected governing body is the Associated Student Government (ASG).

Article II: Purpose
The purpose of this association is to promote and maintain, with the cooperation of the administration and the faculty, a democratic college community life that meets the intellectual, moral, physical, social needs, and interests of the student body and community and to foster the rights and privileges of all students.

Article III:
Associated Student Government (ASG) Seal

The ASG Seal must bear the official school logo (palm tree) and font. (Gothpjm). The school logo is the "Palm Tree" symbolizing

  • The archway into education, and
  • An open book of knowledge

Article IV:

Section I: All students enrolled in three (3) or more credit hours at GCC are considered to be members of the Association.

Section II:
To serve as an elected member of the Associated Student Government Council, a student must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Student must carry six (6) or more credit hours at a GCC campus.
  2. Student must maintain a 2.00 GPA (4.0 = A), unless in his/her first semester.
  3. Officers must maintain a 2.50 GPA (4.0 = A), unless in his/her first semester.
  4. Tenure in any combination of ASG positions shall be limited to no more than eight (8) semesters. Tenure in any combination of officer positions shall be limited to four (4) semesters.
  5. Students who have been removed from ASG will no longer be eligible to run for ASG.
  6. Meeting shall be on Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. at the main campus. There shall be a minimum of four (4) meetings (open business, executive and/or board) held each month. A change in meeting schedule may be made for one semester by a vote of 2/3 of the seated board members.
  7. Students who have completed a degree or who have accumulated 80 credit hours are ineligible for ASG.
  8. All applicants must complete and submit a candidate/membership election packet and adhere to the regulations therein.

Section III:
If an ASG member misses two consecutive regularly scheduled business meetings, that member loses the right to vote. The right to vote will be reinstated after attending two full consecutive meetings. Members who miss more than of an ASG meeting will be considered absent. In the event that four (4) absences occur in one year, that member may be discharged from the ASG board.

Section IV:

An ASG member, including the advisor, may be removed from office by 2/3 votes of the elected members of ASG. Reasons for removal are, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive absences
  • Dereliction of duty
  • Conviction of violating county, state, or federal law and/or
  • Violation of MCCCD (Maricopa County Community College District) Governing Board Policies or Administrative Regulations.

Section V:
Resignation Letter Process (Please note: Emergency-related issues take precedence. In these instances a formal resignation is not required).

  1. A Letter of Intent must be submitted to the ASG President no later than one (1) full week prior to the next regularly scheduled Executive Board Meeting.
  2. A Letter of Resignation must be submitted for review at said meeting.
  3. If for any reason the Letter of Resignation is not accepted by 2/3 of the Executive Board an immediate vote will follow 2/3 vote is required for removal.

Once discharged, a member may not be reinstated

Article V:

The ASG primary advisory role shall be facilitated by the Director of Student Life and Leadership. The Junior advisory role shall be facilitated by a full or part-time faculty or MAT employee of the college. In the event that a full or part-time faculty or MAT employee of the college is unavailable the Director of Student Life and Leadership may assume the advisory role in total.

Recommendations made by the ASG Executive Board for appointment of the full or part-time faculty or MAT employee Junior Advisor will be submitted by the ASG board to the Dean of Student Life or designee for approval.
The full or part-time faculty or MAT employee ASG Junior Advisor shall:
  • Be a full or part-time faculty or MAT employee of the College.
  • Be reviewed for retention by the ASG once each semester.
  • Be present for all official meetings and activities or have an approved substitute.
  • Meet with the ASG President for planning and updates.
  • Be responsible for facilitating cash transactions.

Article VI: Senators

Section I:
Senators are club representatives who are students appointed by approved clubs. Senators serve in the ASG Open Business Meeting voting processes in relation to club allocations, new club recognition and ASG expenditures.

Section II:
Each club may appoint one member who will attend the ASG Open Business Meetings consistently and participate in ASG sponsored events. That member will be the official liaison to their club and have the sole power to vote on the behalf of his/her club. That representative may have one approved alternate.

Section III:
The qualifications to become a senator are as follows:
  1. Students must be enrolled in three (3) credit hours at a GCC campus.
  2. The club advisor will submit the name(s) of the student and the alternate who will represent the club via the official Senator Selection Form to the Vice President of ASG. All interested parties must sign the form.
  3. All forms are due in the ASG office no later than the twenty-fifth (25) regular school day.
  4. ASG will allow one (1) official senator per club.

Section IV:
Senators may not vote on policies or in ASG Officer Elections. However, two (2) senators will participate in the ASG Executive Board election process.

Section V:
Clubs may receive funding (amount set annually) by the ASG based on the consistency of the attendance of their club representative, unless otherwise specified on a vote by ASG.

Article VII:
Amendments to the Constitution

Section I:
Student amendment procedure

  1. Amendments may be proposed by any AS member at GCC. The proposal must be reviewed by the Dean of Student Life or designee for comments before the measure is presented to ASG
  2. If an amendment is proposed by an AS member, it must be supported by ten (10) percent (%) of the members of the association in the form of a signed petition.
  3. Section three (3) of this article will then apply.

Section II:
ASG member amendment procedure
  1. ASG members may propose amendments at any time during the semester/year.
  2. Amendments must be ratified by 2/3 majority of the ASG.
  3. Section three (3) of this article will then apply.

Section III: General amendment procedure

  1. All proposed constitutional amendments must be published and posted in the Student Union (SU) building two (2) days before being voted upon.
  2. A special election shall be held two (2) weeks after the presentations of the initiative petitions to the ASG.
  3. If the amendment secures approval by at least 2/3 of the voting ballots by the AS, it shall be presented to the College president for transmittal to the District Legal Counsel.

Article VIII: By-laws
By-laws shall be reviewed each year no later November 15. Acceptance of ASG amendments to the by-laws shall require 2/3-majority approval of members present. Amendments to the by-laws may be proposed only at regular meetings of the Board and may not be voted on until the next regular business meeting.

Article IX: Ratification

Section I:
The constitution must conform to the MCCCD Governing Board Policy and Administrative Regulations.

Section II:
The constitution supersedes all previous constitutions and by-laws, and will remain in effect until ratification of a new constitution.

Article X: Interpretation
In the event of a dispute among members regarding constitutional interpretation, the constitution will be referred to and interpreted by the ASG Advisor, the Dean of Student Life, and the College President or their appointees, who will make the final decision.

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