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Art on Campus

The Glendale Community College
Art Collection
It's right in your neighborhood!
Glendale, Arizona
How far would you expect to travel to see...
. . . an intaglio by Francisco Goya?

. . . a flock of Guinea fowl painted by
Arizona wildlife artist Larry Toschik?

. . . a Colima dog figure from the Early Classic period (300600 AD) of Western Mexico?

. . . a Paolo Soleri bell sculpture designed
to be seen in the round?

. . . a pottery piece by Juan Quesada
from the famed Mexican village of Mata Ortiz?

. . . a 19th century Japanese woodblock print by Yoshitoshi?

. . . photographs by noted photographers
including Ansel Adams and Edward Weston?

. . . a painting by nationally recognized Arizona painter Phillip Curtis?

. . . a contemporary Southwestern landscape
by Arizona painter Ed Mell?

. . . a collection of masks from around the world?

. . . an ancient Chinese vessel from the 3rd millennium B.C.E. Neolithic period?

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