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Every donation, of any size, makes a difference. Your gift can support campus initiatives, student scholarships and educational programs.
To designate your gift, browse the list below to find a scholarship or program that resonates with you, and tell us to apply your gift there. Then make your check payable to MCCF (Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation) or GCC (Glendale Community College.) You may also make a gift online

The Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation (MCCF) is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization. All gifts to the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation and GCC are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Please contact your tax advisor for details.
College Priorities
GCC Food Pantry
Student Emergency Fund
Performing Arts Center (Buy a chair for $50)
Helping Hands for Single Moms (More Information)
  Scholarship Category   Scholarship Name
High School Sophomores GCC ACE Program (MCCF)
Adult Re-entry
Bonnie Ann Nelson (MCCF) 
Dr. Ruby D Gordon (MCCF) 
Gladys M. Vail Memorial (MCCF) 
Grady-Maxfield Memorial (MCCF) 
Rebah B. Rogers Memorial (MCCF) 
Victoria N. Bohn Memorial (MCCF)
Frank Fitzgerald Art (MCCF) 
Glendale Art Council
Adapted PE (GCC)  Adapted PE Scholarship (MCCF)
Don Ulm Memorial (MCCF) 
Dr. Matt O. Hanhila Memorial (MCCF) 
GCC Athletic Fund (MCCF) 
Leland & Nancy Stanley (MCCF) 
Los Caballeros (GCC) 
Softball Alumni Scholarship (SAS/GCC) 
Central Arizona Region - Vintage Chevrolet 
Club of America (MCCF) 
Copper State Ford Mustang (GCC) 
Daimler Chrysler (MCCF) 
Dr. Phillip D. Randolph Automotive Technology Center (MCCF)
Dr. Ted Barkin (MCCF) 
Fabulous Fifties Ford Club (MCCF)
Rene Catalano Memorial (MCCF) 
Harold L. Nicely Ford ASSET (MCCF)
Business Victor L. Boels Business Memorial (MCCF)
Communication Roger Hufford Memorial (MCCF)
Computer Technology
Connie Stafford Sherman Memorial 
Information Technology (MCCF) 
Ellen Claire Lawrence Memorial (GCC) 
Energy Systems Design AutoCAD (MCCF)
Counseling Student Emergency Fund (MCCF)
Jayla Abrielle Memorial (MCCF) 
GCC Dance Program (MCCF) 
Allen Howey Memorial (MCCF) 
Dr. Joy Wingersky (MCCF) 
Support for Students with Disabilities (GCC)
Manny & Sue Griego Scholarship (MCCF) 
Rene Catalano Memorial (MCCF)
Della-Calce Family ESL (MCCF)
Dr. Betsy Herlihy Memorial (MCCF)
Edith Blakey-Sweet (MCCF) 
English-Journalism Teaching (MCCF) 
Flo Kitts Memorial Scholarship for the 
Humanities (MCCF) 
GCC English Department Memorial (MCCF) 
Kitts Memorial (MCCF) 
Patrick Haas Memorial (MCCF)
Fire Science
Doeg M Nelson Memorial (MCCF) 
Fire Chief Tom Healy Memorial (MCCF) 
Future Firefighters (MCCF) 
Fitness & Wellness
Adapted PE (MCCF) 
GCC Exercise Science Fund (MCCF) 
Alberto Sanchez Scholarship (MCCF) 
Cipri Sanchez (MCCF) 
Direct Support to Student Scholarships & Programs (GCC)
Dr. Joe Griego Memorial (MCCF) 
Dr. Reinhold Kiermayr Memorial (MCCF) 
Dr. & Mrs. Merle Lange (MCCF) 
Ervin Cutwright (MCCF) 
GCC 40th Anniversary (MCCF) 
GCC Faculty Senate in Honor of Dr. John Waltrip (MCCF) 
Faculty/Staff Memorial Plaza (MCCF) 
GCC Business Department (MCCF) 
GCC General Scholarship(MCCF) 
GCC Shineman Shineman-Gallagher Scholarship (MCCF) 
Herman & Velvie Green (MCCF) 
Jean Ann Abel (MCCF) 
Luis F Nunez & Amanda Noriega (MCCF) 
Marcy Randolph Memorial (MCCF) 
Staten Library Fund (MCCF) 
Support for Faculty/Staff Innovation, Creativity & Excellence (GCC)
Welcome To GCC (MCCF)
Janice K. Boerner Honors Program (MCCF) 
Harry Matz (MCCF) 
International Education (MCCF) 
Vietnamese Student Scholarship (MCCF) 
Law Enforcement
Don Schultz Memorial (MCCF) 
Sgt. Kinnard (MCCF) 
Equality Award (MCCF) 
Liberal Arts
Dr. Andrew & Patricia J Mikus (MCCF) 
Eva B. Morrell Music Scholarship (MCCF) 
Music Activity Awards (GCC) 
Sun City Grand Music Club (MCCF) 
Ann B Hug Memorial (MCCF) 
Banner Thunderbird Medical Center Volunteers Scholars (MCCF) 
Erminia O. Santiago Memorial (5478) 
In Memory of Erma R Griggs and Rosa Rochin (MCCF) 
John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital (GCC) 
Martha Glasco (GCC) 
Margaret M. Larkin Nursing Memorial (MCCF) 
Martin Randolph Memorial (MCCF) 
National Nurses Training Club (MCCF) 
Shirley J. Vail Nursing (MCCF) 
Valory Roskelly Memorial (MCCF) 
Victor L. Boels Nursing Memorial (MCCF) 
Philosophy Philosophy & Religious Studies (MCCF)
Photography Bill Flynn (MCCF)
Dr. Irvin S "Wes" Westenberg (MCCF) 
Oliver-Brandt Williams Excellence in Research (MCCF) 
Rats & Stats (MCCF)
Chemistry Fund/Chemistry Scholars (MCCF) 
Cindy Oplinger Memorial (MCCF) 
Single Moms GCC Helping Hands for Single Moms
Social Work Karen L. Williams Memorial (MCCF)
Technology & Consumer Sciences Laura C. Avila (MCCF)
Delta Psi Omega Drama Club (GCC) 
Scholarship (GCC)
Diane H. Thomas Memorial (MCCF) 
GCC Alumni Endowment (MCCF)
Dr. Phil D. Randolph (MCCF) 
GCC Veterans Spirit of National Service (MCCF)
GCC S.E.E.4Vets Math Success Scholarship (MCCF)

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Scholarship donations support students at GCC.