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Construction Update Archives 2001-2007

10/25/06: Construction Update #18


Summer - Fall 2006...

During the Summer and early Fall months, the College completed several projects designed to improve the classrooms, labs, infrastructure, and access around the campus. Projects are discussed by building, alphabetized for easy reference. Please take a moment to inform yourself of the changes completed or nearing completion, and several upcoming projects that may impact a particular facility or area of the campus. In some cases, access may be restricted, but the inconvenience will be as short as possible. Thank you for staying informed, and for your cooperation.

Administrative Bldg. (A)

Electronic Card Access (ECA) to the Administration Bldg. was completed in September. This is the fourth building at GCC to receive this modification, part of a College plan to tailor access and improve security in campus buildings. High Tech 1 and 2 and the Enrollment Center were modified earlier. Electronic card access offers many advantages to include: automatic locking and unlocking of doors at prescribed times, providing differing levels of access to specific areas and to specific employees. The College is currently developing a plan to implement electronic card access across the campus. As with many of the College's projects, electronic card access systems are expensive, so full implementation will take time. Where appropriate, integrating this type of access control system into upcoming and future bond projects will be pursued.

HU-111 Classroom Conversion (HU)

This classroom formerly supported language lab instruction for the Department of Communication and Foreign Languages. Following the removal of casework, the classroom was recarpeted, repainted and outfitted with highly flexible, multi-purpose furniture (provided by Walsh Brothers as a pilot project). Computer carols and flat panel monitors were added along the perimeter walls, allowing this classroom to serve as a traditional classroom, computer classroom or a language lab. Beyond improving the learning environment, the conversion allowed the department to schedule the room more efficiently and release two other classrooms for use by the College.

Fitness and Wellness 53/54 (FW)

After many years, the College realized a project to provide separate facilities to support dance programs and aerobic/exercise programs. Two rooms in the Fitness and Wellness Bldg. (53 and 54) were recently converted from traditional classrooms into one large exercise room for aerobics, yoga, tai chi and other fitness and wellness programs. Modifications included the removal of a wall, installation of a low impact wood floor, sound system and full wall mirrors. Now, FC 101 will support the many dance programs offered by the Performing Arts Department and FW 53-54 will support exercise programs offered by Fitness and Wellness.

Nursing (NU)

The Nursing Auditorium (NU 104), one of the older spaces on campus (1965) was recently refreshed, receiving new paint and carpet and 85 modern, comfortable tablet chairs. A first for the college, this room included a percentage of the seating (10%) specifically designed for left handed students.

59th Avenue Widening Project

You may have noticed some recent construction activity along 59th Avenue south of Olive Avenue. The long awaited widening of 59th Avenue has begun. The campus has already done much to prepare for this project. Working with the City of Glendale and a common engineering firm (Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.), the College's Vogel Avenue entrance was widened, an additional lane into the campus, and dedicated left and right turns exiting the campus were constructed. Much of the work to straighten the Via Gaucho entrance was also completed.

The 59th Avenue widening project will now remove landscaping, sidewalks and the bus stop on the west side of 59th Avenue from Olive to Mountain View Avenues, to be replaced by additional south bound lanes along 59th Avenue. There will be some impact to the Vogel and Via Gaucho entrances as the project progresses, and these new entrances are connected to 59th Avenue. The College will work with the City of Glendale and contractors to schedule this work during recesses or off-peak hours and advance notice of any closures or detours will be provided. Valley Metro will temporarily relocate the bus stop near the Desert Schools ATM machine (see ATM on campus map) when project progress necessitates removal of the existing stop. The project is scheduled to be completed by June 2007.

Following construction, the 59th Avenue edge of the campus will be relandscaped and a serpentine sidewalk (similar to the walk running from Sunnyslope to the Fire Station) installed. This type of sidewalk will provide a safe, aesthetically pleasing border to the campus, buffered from traffic. All other campus entryways will be open and unaffected.

Chilled Waterline Replacement

In order to prepare for the two new buildings programmed for the north side of the campus, a chilled waterline service must be upgraded for the increased load. The College's chilled waterline network must be extended from the Central Plant to the new Life Science Bldg. on the north end of the campus. The map below depicts the most cost effective route for this waterline. Some sidewalk replacement or landscaping will be required, but most of this work will take place over the Winter Recess 2006. Like the firelane project of 2003, work that must be conducted during the school year will be coordinated and scheduled to minimize impact on students and employees. More information on this project will be provided in future Construction Updates.

waterline map

Thanks and Old Updates...

If you have been reading these updates over the past three years, you have become conversant with terms like Grasspave™, Gravelpave™, Dick Fossbury, EYES, College Commons and ASK ME. If you are new to GCC and have missed this educational journey, you can still access back issues on this web site, where each update is archived, forever (that's why we call it life-long learning). Lastly, thanks to the many employees who have submitted requests and recommendations to M&O, Procurement, OIT, College Safety; either independently, through the budget process or through your ASK ME coordinator and department leadership. You do make a difference!

Charles F. Jeffery
Dean - Institutional Planning

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