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Master Planning Updates

7/06/06: Master Planning Update #8

Master Planning Updates #1-7

If you have not had the opportunity, please read Master Planning Updates #1 (June 17, 2003), #2 (August 29, 2003), #3 (October 16, 2003), #4 (July 27, 2005), #5 (January 30, 2006), #6 (March 13, 2006), and #7 (April 24, 2006). These updates are archived on this web site.

Quick Master Planning Summary

For those with limited time, the following is a quick, USA Today style update on Master Planning projects:

  • The Student Union project remains on time and on budget. Phases I (NW corner) and II (Kitchen and Serving Area) are scheduled to be completed by August 14, 2006.

  • GCC North planning continues. The Planning Team completed a review of Schematic Design documents (first set of design plans) in June and we received a first look at project costs by the RNL Design and CORE construction estimators. Bad news, site development costs have driven the project cost beyond the original budget. The major problems are significant site development costs, rising materials costs and availability of skilled labor. The Planning Team and consultants met and have made additional space cuts and reviewed the design for lower construction cost options across the board–structural, mechanical, finishes, parking, landscaping, etc. We expect a second estimate within the coming weeks, optimistically within budget, and will then proceed with Design Development documents (second, more detailed set of plans). Construction is still planned to begin in December 2006-January 2007.

  • Life Science Building. The consultants, Gould Evans and DPR, met with the Life Science Planning Team on June 21 and 22nd to verify program requirements and other design goals. A June 28 meeting was conducted with engineers and the GCC M&O staff to discuss site utilities. Schematic Design plans are expected to be available for review in September 2006.

  • Entrances at Vogel and Via Gaucho. The Governing Board recently approved the hiring of Visus, an overlayment firm, to improve entrances at Vogel Ave., Via Gaucho Ave., and to increase the curve radius on the entrance at 61st and Olive Avenues. The first phase of this project will focus on the Vogel entrance, adding dedicated left and right turn lanes, sidewalks and ADA compliant ramps. The parking area behind the Performing Arts Center will be eliminated, replaced by a small loading zone. In order to complete this phase before the College opens in mid-August, the Vogel entrance will be closed from July 18 to August 14, 2006. Signs will be posted along 59th Avenue and the College updated on project progress via the College web. The entire project is scheduled to be completed by October.

For additional information on GCC projects, please read on.

Student Union Remodel

Construction has begun. Jokake Construction Company and Spray Systems officially began Phase I (asbestos abatement of the northwest corner - clubs and game room area, and old Student Lounge and Council Chambers) on Monday, April 17, 2006. Build back of this corner of the Student Union will continue through the August 14, 2006. Following Commencement (May 12, 2006), Phase II, remodel of the the Kitchen and Palms Cafe was initiated. The Kitchen and Cafe will remain closed over the summer. The Kitchen and Palms Cafe are projected to reopen on August 14, 2006. Renovation of the Kitchen and Palms will provide more modern food preparation and efficient food services. Remodel activities will continue with conversion of the Atrium, old Student Lounge and Council Chambers (Phase III - May 15 - November 23, 2006) and old Dining Area and Employee Lounge (Phase IV - November 24, 2006 - March 12, 2007). Plans for configurable meeting rooms, for the integration of natural light, connecting inside and outside space, and linking the diverse architectural styles of the campus have been addressed.

A small scale schematic of the Student Union remodel plans along with a timeline and description of work to be accomplished can be viewed at:

Click on the center of each of the two images of current construction scenes below to view their planned transformations...

Several large scale renditions of the remodeled Student Union are on display in the lobby of the Administration Building. Progress on the Student Union Remodel remains on schedule.

See our Student Union Construction Gallery for more views of the new SU in progress!

GCC North Campus

During the week of February 21-24, 2006, RNL Design, Core Construction and College employees participated in planning sessions to develop a first draft of a multi-year Master Plan for the GCC North campus. This 40-year plan capitalizes on the site's unique natural setting, preserves the unique Sonoran desert physiography, views of Ludden Mountain, Hedgepeth Hills and Deem Hills, and provides a roadmap for future construction. Key to the site's development is the use of the arroyo that diagonally bisects the property, creating a signature mall around which four phases of construction are planned.

A draft plan was presented to the College on Friday, February 24, 2006 and to community forums at GCC North on March 9, 2006 and May 24, 2006. The final Master Plan was presented to the Capital Development Advisory Committee on June 27, 2006. Several copies of the Master Plan are available in the Library and an electronic copy will be made available on-line from this web site. Below is a schematic from the draft Master Plan showing the proposed construction to be completed by 2044. Those buildings in the northeast part of the site (upper right) and identified with letters (a-f), are to be constructed as part of phase one (completion 2008) and will support the College until the next bond cycle (typically every ten years). Moving counterclockwise around the site, phase two is in the northwest quadrant (2014-2024), phase three in the southwest quadrant (2024-2034), and phase four in the southeast quadrant (2034-2044).

Proposed Build-out of GCC North 2006-2014

Open larger version of GCCN Proposal

Life Science Building

Educational Specifications for the new Life Science Building were approved by the Governing Board on March 28. Following a call for proposals, the College evaluated submissions from 17 architect consultant firms and nine construction management firms. On April 17th and 18th, the College interviewed five architect consultant teams and three construction management teams. At its May 25th meeting, the Governing Board approved the selection of GouldEvans as the Architect Consultant and DPR as the Construction Manager for this project. Information about both firms is available by activating the links provided. On June 21st and 22nd, the Life Science Planning Team (Dr. Denise DiGianfilippo, Brett Garwood, Al Gonzales, Rhonda Lee, Dr. Ladonna Lewis, Chuck Jeffery, Dr. Sue Oliver, Randy Peterson, Ryan Sawby, John Sazama, and Dr. Steve Williams) met for a kick-off meeting with the consultants. During this meeting, program requirements were verified and additional meetings scheduled to determine the location and plans for site utilities. Construction is expected to begin in July 2007 and the building prepared for instruction at the beginning of the Spring semester 2009.

Miscellaneous Projects

Entrances at Vogel and Via Gaucho

As GCC continues to grow, efficient access must be addressed. Working with the City of Glendale as it widens 59th Avenue, GCC plans to widen the Vogel Avenue entrance, add dedicated right and left turn lanes, and to straighten Via Gaucho. College plans will complement the addition of medians, sidewalk extensions and improved landscaping along 59th Avenue. Both the City and College will use the same engineering firm (Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.), ensuring a seamless connection between the projects. Preliminary survey work along 59th Avenue began in March. In June, the College/District selected Visus Engineering Construction, Inc. to construct the new entrances. The president of Visus, then working as a vice-president for Arcon (another overlayment firm), supervised the College's Fire Lane Project several years ago. Expect more tutorials on asphalt and maps in the Fall. A pre-construction meeting is scheduled for July 5, 2006 and project completion is scheduled for October 2006. The most disruptive portion of the project will be completed before school begins in August.

Olive Avenue Beautification Project

As all of you know, the College's address is 6000 West Olive Avenue, yet our southern perimeter lacked "curbside appeal" in comparison to 59th Avenue. Not anymore. Working in cooperation with the City of Glendale, GCC has restored irrigation to the perimeter, added additional ground cover, trees and crushed gravel. Very soon, as vegetation matures, the new Olive Avenue improvements, along with the south mall extension project (completed last Spring) will provide true signature appeal to this edge of the campus.


In response to projected enrollment growth and future construction activities in the north part of the GCC Main campus, the College added 605 additional parking spaces in the NE corner of the campus. Security lighting and cameras will be installed in July.

Land Purchase Update

As part of the 2004 Capital Bond, MCCCD will purchase several parcels of land to accommodate explosive growth in Maricopa County. GCC is working with District officials and Arizona Land Advisors to conclude a purchase of a 90 acre site in the Northwest Valley, just north of 203rd and Grand Avenues.

Glendale Community College Bond Projects Schedule 2004-2014

In order to help employees and community members track progress of GCC Main and North projects, the following is an abbreviated timeline of actions associated with each project. Details of three projects in progress: Student Union Remodel, new Life Science Bldg., and expansion of the GCC North campus are discussed further in this document.

Project Ed Specs Development Consultant Selection Design and Construction Documents Development Construction Begins (estimate) Substantial Completion (estimate) Punch List - Occupy
SU* Jan –
Mar 2005
ART Jul 2005
Jokake Sep 2005
Aug 2005 –
Feb 2006
Apr 2006 Mar 2007 Mar –
Jun 2007
Life Science Bldg. (formerly N Bldg.)* Apr 2005 –
Feb 2006
Gould Evans May 2006
DPR May 2005
Sep 2006 –
May 2007
Aug 2007 Oct 2008 Nov –
Dec 2008
NW Bldg. Mar –
Jun 2007
Jul –
Aug 2007
Sep 2007 –
May 2008
Jun 2008 Aug 2009 Sep –
Dec 2009
B Bldg. Jul –
Sep 2007
Oct –
Nov 2007
Nov 2007 –
Jun 2008
Jul 2008 May 2009 Jun-Aug 2009
T1 Bldg. Jul –
Sep 2008
Oct –
Nov 2008
Dec 2008 –
Jul 2009
Aug 2009 Aug 2010 Sep –
Dec 2010
T3 Auto (some T2) Jul –
Sep 2009
Oct –
Nov 2009
Dec 2009 –
Jul 2010
Aug 2010 Aug 2011 Sep –
Dec 2011
Old LS/NU Bldg. Dec 2011 –
Feb 2011
Mar –
Apr 2011
May –
Nov 2011
Dec 2011 Oct 2012 Nov 2012
F&W Bldg. Sep –
Dec 2010
Jan –
Feb 2011
Mar –
Nov 2011
Dec 2011 Feb 2013 Mar –
Jun 2013
Vogel Via Gaucho Entrances* Aug –
Sep 2005
Oct –
Nov 2005
Dec 2005 –
Feb 2006
Mar 2006 Oct 2006 N/A
Chiller Plant Upgrades 1 Nov 2006 –
Jan 2007
Feb –
Mar 2007
Apr –
Aug 2007
Sep 2007 Jan 2008 Feb 2008
GCC North* Mar –
Sep 2005
RNL Design Jan 2006
CORE Feb 2006
Jan –
Nov 2006
Dec 2006 Mar 2008 Apr –
Jul 2008

1 Upgrade of the Chiller Plant is a District project designed to prepare the campus infrastructure to support new buildings.

  • Planning is currently underway for several projects (highlighted in light green ), and each is discussed further in this document.

    Questions - Comments

    Your input and questions concerning any of the College's bond projects is always welcome. If you have questions or ideas, please share them with the College. You can do this by clicking on the following email link. Questions and concerns will be addressed as expeditiously as possible, and where appropriate, shared with other readers in future Master Planning Updates.

    E-mail Questions - Comments


    In closing, let me express the College's sincere appreciation to those who have shared ideas, expertise and time toward the master planning process, development of the College's Project Lists, educational specifications, review of proposals and selection of architects and construction firms. Every attempt has been made to be inclusive, and the College will continue this approach as we plan, design and construct each project. If anyone desires a copy of documentation for any specific project, please email me and I will provide a copy or direct you to an on-line link. Please stay engaged. With your continued participation and ideas, GCC will become what we dream.

    Charles F. Jeffery
    Dean of Institutional Planning

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