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Master Planning Updates

10/16/03: Master Planning Update #3

Executive Summaries: GCC Main Prioritized List (Word file)
GCC North Prioritized List (Word file)

Master Planning Update #1 and #2

If you have not had the opportunity, please read Master Planning Updates #1 (June 17, 2003) and #2 (August 29, 2003). Both updates are archived on the GCC web site. Update #1 summarizes master planning actions conducted in June, and provides valuable information used to support preliminary decisions made during a July 29 Master Planning Retreat. Update #2 addresses the collective results of earlier meetings and provides copies of the draft Prioritized Project Lists for GCC Main and GCC North submitted to District on July 31, 2003.

Master Planning Project Lists Available

Following submission of draft Prioritized Project Lists to District, the College plan for the next ten years was presented to all employees at the August 18 Convocation. Faculty and administrators then met to review outlines and cost estimates for each project, and two forums were conducted. Several projects were rescoped and an upgrade to the John F. Prince Library added as project #21. Updated Prioritized Project Lists for GCC Main and GCC North were submitted to District on September 26, 2003. Five copies of each document are on file in the Library, along with copies of the original Master Plan (2003-2023) for GCC Main. Since submission of these Lists, the College was requested to make some adjustments to more closely align project requirements with allocations. This was accomplished while maintaining the Project Lists largely intact, and the College is postured to take immediate advantage of any additional resources, should they become available.

GCC Main: Projects for GCC Main include: the construction of two multi-story buildings (90,000 gross square feet (gsf) at the north and northwest ends of the campus. These buildings are slated for occupancy by Biology, Nursing and Psychology (North Bldg.) and Applied Technology (NW Bldg.). As most of the classrooms will be multi-purpose, they will be capable of supporting a full range of instruction across the College. In addition, many renovation projects (186,000 gsf) are planned. These include minimal to major renovations to the T Bldgs., High Tech Centers, Business Bldg. and others, not provided for from the 1994 bond. College access will also be improved by widening the entrances at Vogel/59th Ave. and Olive/Via Gaucho Way. Total cost to complete these projects is $61.6 million. This figure includes: $31.7 million for new construction, $17.5 million for renovations, $11.2 million for technology needs, and $1.2 million for entrance improvements and replacement parking.

GCC North: As an official Master Plan was not developed for the North campus, project information provided in the GCC North Projects List will likely change. Proposed plans call for the construction of four new, single story buildings (71,500 gsf) and 300 parking spaces, at a cost of $23.4 million. New construction includes a central plant, multi-purpose classrooms, science labs, faculty offices, food service area, fitness center, computer commons, library, and advisement/enrollment/financial services offices. Single story buildings are planned in order that the site fit well with the surrounding neighborhood. The College will retain the present facilities (10,000 gsf) constructed in 1999-2000, and shared use of the Deer Valley structures (10,000 gsf). Like the Main Campus, GCC North will reserve $500,000 for technology needs.

Both Project Lists will support the projected growth and programmatic changes the College anticipates over the next ten years. They support the six MCCCD Strategic Directions, the concepts expressed in the original Master Plan, allocate sufficient resources for technology, maintain existing facilities, and construct new facilities where the need is greatest.

The Resource Outlook

The District leadership is still considering a $950-965 million bond to cover new construction, renovations, technology support and occupational capital needs for the next 10 years. If voters approve, GCC Main would receive $60.3 million, and GCC North $23 million of this figure. An additional $4.5 million for major maintenance and $10.2 million for occupational capital round out potential resources. In summary, the College has been provided some good planning figures, but the final distribution of resources has not been decided. In coming meetings, the College leadership will continue to articulate for sufficient resources to cover all of GCC's needs.

Future Actions

It is important to remember that the planning process will remain dynamic. On October 22, the Governing Board and CEC will meet to review the District's requirements and a total bond package. A final decision concerning allocations and whether the District will go for a bond in 2004 is expected by April 2004. Changes and new information will be disseminated in the President's Newsletter and future Master Planning Updates.


In closing, let me express the College's sincere appreciation to those who have shared ideas, expertise and time toward the master planning process, and the development of the College's Project Lists. Every attempt has been made to be inclusive, and Project Lists contain the many concept papers, maps, sketches and educational specifications developed by faculty and staff. In this way, all ideas are on the table, and we won't have to reinvent the wheel when construction time draws near. Copies of Executive Summaries for the GCC Main and North Project Lists are attached, and will also be available on the GCC web site. If anyone desires a copy of documentation for any specific project, please email me and I will provide a copy. Lastly, please stay engaged. With your continued participation and ideas, GCC can become what we dream.

Charles F. Jeffery
Construction Liaison

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