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Master Planning Updates

09/27/12: Master Planning Update #27

After a slight delay in our executing our facilities Master Plan, the initial steps towards renovating our Technology-1 (T-1) building are underway. The design and construction teams have been selected and meetings with the user group have begun. The preliminary schedule is for design to be completed this Fall with the appropriate levels of approval to follow. Once the approval is given, the renovation will begin in March 2013 with a contractor turnover back to the college in November/December 2013. The facility will then be prepared for occupancy with the first classes in the newly renovated facility scheduled for Spring Semester 2014. The renovated T-1 building will have a combination of classrooms, program specific and shared labs, student gathering areas, faculty offices, and display rooms.

Renovation of the Technology 2 (T-2) & Technology 3 (T-3) are also moving forward. Originally scheduled as only a T-3 renovation, the college put together a contribution to the 2004 Bond allocation in order to better address the needs of the Automotive program. The Automotive program currently occupies space in T-2 so it made sense to add more funding to the project and complete the renovation of the entire facility. The Ed Specifications are being finalized and a estimation of the total project funding requirements is being validated. This project does not have a start date yet but we anticipate significant movement once the T-1 project is underway.

Design development for the renovation of the High Tech Center 1 (HT-1) is also underway. Originally not listed as a 2004 Bond approved project, the need to consolidate all Information Technology activities under one roof has become increasingly necessary. This was validated by outside consultants who were brought in to look for opportunities how the IT department might improve its operations as well as day-to-day activities where collaboration opportunities were adversely impacted by having the department located in three different facilities. The renovation will consolidate the department in one facility, create two classrooms specifically designed for our Digital Arts programs, provide more student gathering areas for their collaboration and improve and update the facility's interior furnishings and finishes.

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