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Master Planning Updates

1/22/10: Master Planning Update #26

Master Planning Updates #1-25

If you have not had the opportunity, please read Master Planning Updates #1 (June 17, 2003), #2 (August 29, 2003), #3 (October 16, 2003), #4 (July 27, 2005), #5 (January 30, 2006), #6 (March 13, 2006), #7 (April 24, 2006), #8 (July 6, 2006), #9 (September 1, 2006), #10 (December 1, 2006), #11 (March 2, 2007), #12 (May 11, 2007), #13 (June 13, 2007), #14 (January 30, 2008), #15 (April 17, 2008), #16 (August 25, 2008), #17 (October 17, 2008), #18 (December 12, 2008), #19 (January 16, 2009), #20 (February 29, 2009), #21 (March 30, 2009), #22 (May 13, 2009), #23 (June 24, 2009), #24 (September 26, 2009), and #25 (November 4, 2009) These updates are archived on this web site.

Quick Master Planning Summary

Public Safety Sciences Building

If you have been following progress on GCC's newest building, you can't help but notice that we are finished and now occupy the building. The project completion was recently celebrated during a Grand Opening on January 14, 2010. In the coming months we will fine tune building systems and continue to improve this superb first responder training facility.

Please see Public Safety Sciences Construction Gallery #6 for a visual update of building spaces and descriptions of some of the unique features in this building. Please see Public Safety Sciences Gallery #7 for photos of the Grand Opening Ceremony.

Additional Galleries: Gallery #8 - Exterior, Gallery #8 - Interior, Gallery #8 - Learning Environments

  • Glendale Community College would like to thank Sam Fraulino for the photos in Gallery #8. Sam works as a Web/Database Applications Developer for Paradise Valley Community College, attended the Grand Opening Ceremony for the Public Safety Sciences Building, and captured many wonderful images of the buildings exterior, interior and unique learning environments.

    Rendition of the Public Safety Building

    Life Sciences Building

    At WESTMARC's 17th Annual Best of the West awards ceremony, GCC's new Life Sciences Building garnered yet another award. This time an Honorable Mention in the Architectural Innovation category. WESTMARC, was founded in 1990 to promote a positive image for Western Maricopa County and to advocate on its behalf. A broad-based coalition of government, business, industry and education agencies, WESTMARC represents 15 communities in western Maricopa County. WESTMARC's annual awards program recognizes outstanding contributions to the image, lifestyle and economic development of the West Valley. GCC is honored to be recognized for its contribution to the West Valley.

    Future Bond Projects

    The following is a list of future bond projects. Dates provided are due dates for the development of Educational Specifications to the District Facilities and Planning office.

    Project Development Due Date
    T-1 Building 2010
    T-3 Auto Complex (includes some of T-2) 2010

    Questions - Comments

    Your input and questions concerning any of the College's bond projects is always welcome. If you have questions or ideas, please share them with the College. You can do this by clicking on the following email link. Questions and concerns will be addressed as expeditiously as possible, and where appropriate, shared with other readers in future Master Planning Updates.

    E-mail Questions - Comments


    In closing, let me express the College's sincere appreciation to those who have shared ideas, expertise and time toward the master planning process, development of the College's Project Lists, educational specifications, review of proposals and selection of architects and construction firms. Every attempt has been made to be inclusive, and the College will continue this approach as we plan, design and construct each project. If anyone desires a copy of documentation for any specific project, please email me and I will provide a copy or direct you to an on-line link. Please stay engaged. With your continued participation and ideas, GCC will become what we dream.

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