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Master Planning Updates

5/13/09: Master Planning Update #22

Master Planning Updates #1-21

If you have not had the opportunity, please read Master Planning Updates #1 (June 17, 2003), #2 (August 29, 2003), #3 (October 16, 2003), #4 (July 27, 2005), #5 (January 30, 2006), #6 (March 13, 2006), #7 (April 24, 2006), #8 (July 6, 2006), #9 (September 1, 2006), #10 (December 1, 2006), #11 (March 2, 2007), #12 (May 11, 2007), #13 (June 13, 2007), #14 (January 30, 2008), #15 (April 17, 2008), #16 (August 25, 2008), #17 (October 17, 2008), #18 (December 12, 2008), #19 (January 16, 2009), #20 (February 29, 2009), and #21 (March 30, 2009). These updates are archived on this web site.

Quick Master Planning Summary

The following is a quick update on Master Planning projects for GCC Main.

Public Safety Sciences Building

This week the college celebrated a major milestone, the placement of the highest structural steel beam for this building. In an early morning "Topping Out" ceremony, students, faculty and staff gathered to sign the all white beam as Dr. Velvie Green GCC President and Wayne Evenhuis FCI Contractors delivered remarks. When completed, this will be the college's third multi-story building, adding 22,200 square feet of instructional and administrative space.

Dr. Green noted that there are many people to thank for bringing us to this day. She extended the college's sincere appreciation for the design efforts of our architects from Substance Design Consortium, for the wonderful work of engineers, contractors and tradespersons of FCI Constructors Inc., and for the ideas and dedication of the faculty and staff of the college and district office.

With the completion of this facility in December 2009-January 2010, GCC will be able to offer some of the most challenging and realistic first responder training available at any college or training center in the nation.

Please see Public Safety Sciences Construction Gallery #2 for a visual update of construction progress and the Topping Out ceremony.

Rendition of the Public Safety Building

Business Building Remodel

Remodeling continues at an accelerated pace on this building, the college's first multi story structure. As you view the new facility today, please take a moment to notice the outboard stairs, breezeway and east side elevator, which will provide better access for students and faculty. Code compliant railings and the return to a more regularized geometry with glazing and doors impart a modern look to the building, while strengthening a classic design that dates back to 1965. Sticky space has been added inside and out, and that breezeway connects this building to faculty office buildings on the east side, the Bookstore and Copy Services, all once hidden from view.

Inside the classrooms, new insulated walls and tile ceilings are being installed, and a raised floor on the first level will add flexibility for furniture placement and enhanced use of technology. Last, but not least, the building is designed to be environmentally friendly and energy/resource efficient. Substantial completion will be achieved on July 10th and move in activities are scheduled for July 13th, six weeks prior to the beginning of classes.

Please see Business Building Construction Gallery #3 for a visual update on construction progress.

Renditions of the Business Building

GCC North

Ever since the Grand Opening in August, enrollment at GCC North has grown beyond all expectations. In order to accommodate the larger student population, the college will add 320 new parking spaces. This project will begin in June and be completed in September. The first 90 spaces should be completed before Fall classes begin. Concurrent with the addition of more parking, the college is coordinating with the City of Phoenix for the installation of a traffic signal at the main entrance and a bus stop on the campus.

Public Safety and Directional Signage

Work is well underway to add card access to 28 entrances in 25 buildings where faculty and staff reside. Soon, your programmed ID card will also serve as your new key to your office building. Complementing card access, all exterior and interior doors will receive new cores and keys. The new keys are proprietary to the college and will improve security and the efficiency of Public Safety staff. Both projects will be completed before Fall classes begin. As this project develops, Public Safety will advise the college on next steps to program individual access cards and receive new keys.

Long awaited, the college recently received seven kiosks to complete the directional signage project. The new kiosks are highly visible, with a map of the campus, totems that provide quick, easy directions to key facilities, and the correct time (in case one does not wear a watch). The kiosks are lighted during the evening hours. This project too, will be completed before Fall classes begin.

Last, but certainly not least, special thanks to M&O for the grounds and landscaping across the campus. Things just get better each year and the new trees and grass basins along the southern perimeter, trees in the south parking lots and newly designed entrance island at 59th Avenue and Sunnyslope significantly add to the quality of a great learning environment. For more information on present and future landscape projects, please see the latest Administrative Services and Planning Newsletter ( open PDF file), page 6.

Future Bond Projects

The following is a list of future bond projects. Dates provided are due dates for the development of Educational Specifications to the District Facilities and Planning office.

Project Development Due Date
T-1 Building September 2009
T-3 Auto Complex (includes some of T-2) September 2009
Fitness & Wellness December 2010
Old Life Science/Nursing Building complex December 2011

Questions - Comments

Your input and questions concerning any of the College's bond projects is always welcome. If you have questions or ideas, please share them with the College. You can do this by clicking on the following email link. Questions and concerns will be addressed as expeditiously as possible, and where appropriate, shared with other readers in future Master Planning Updates.

E-mail Questions - Comments


In closing, let me express the College's sincere appreciation to those who have shared ideas, expertise and time toward the master planning process, development of the College's Project Lists, educational specifications, review of proposals and selection of architects and construction firms. Every attempt has been made to be inclusive, and the College will continue this approach as we plan, design and construct each project. If anyone desires a copy of documentation for any specific project, please email me and I will provide a copy or direct you to an on-line link. Please stay engaged. With your continued participation and ideas, GCC will become what we dream.

Charles F. Jeffery
Dean of Institutional Planning

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