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Master Planning Updates

5/11/07: Master Planning Update #12

Master Planning Updates #1-11

If you have not had the opportunity, please read Master Planning Updates #1 (June 17, 2003), #2 (August 29, 2003), #3 (October 16, 2003), #4 (July 27, 2005), #5 (January 30, 2006), #6 (March 13, 2006), #7 (April 24, 2006), #8 (July 6, 2006), #9 (September 1, 2006), #10 (December 1, 2006), and #11 (March 2, 2007). These updates are archived on this web site.

Quick Master Planning Summary

For those with limited time, the following is a quick, USA Today style update on Master Planning projects (with links to the GCC North and Life Science Building sections in the report below):

  • The Student Union project is almost completed. A Grand Re-opening was conducted on March 28, 2007. Rooms are now available for scheduling. For those unable to attend the Grand Re-opening, a short video, "A Day In The Life Of The Student Union and Rededication Ceremony" is available at Media Services or online at: Real Player or Windows Media Player Still photos of the remodel are on earlier Master Planning Updates.

  • GCC North. Construction has begun, officially marked by a Ground Breaking Ceremony on May 7, 2007. GCC President Velvie Green, MCCCD Chancellor Rufus Glasper and Governing Board members Linda Rosenthal and Jerry Walker turned earth with golden shovels in the shade of nine Ironwood trees (Ironwood Grove), salvaged from the the site's natural vegetation. See GCC North Groundbreaking Gallery for photos.

  • Life Science Building. The consultants, Gould Evans, delivered 75 percent Construction Documents (CD) on May 7, 2007. These documents will be reviewed by the Planning Team May 7-18, 2007. Construction is projected to begin in August 2007. Look for an upcoming announcement concerning a Ground Breaking Ceremony as you return to the campus in the Fall.

  • Public Safety Building. Also called the Applied Technology and NW Bldg. Educational Specifications (draft) are complete and will be submitted to the District Office this month. Following selection of an architectural consultant and contractor, construction will begin in June 2008 just as GCC North opens its new facilities.

  • Chiller Plant Upgrade Project. This project is 90 percent complete, though it has remained largely invisible to the campus community. This upgrade replaces a forty year old, lower capacity chiller and two cooling towers and will support the addition of the new Life Sciences and Applied Technology Bldgs. The upgrade will improve energy efficiency and enhance our conservation practices. Another part of this project was the upgrade of the small office area used by our HVAC technicians. The new office will provide insulated walls to better protect our staff from the plant noise and expand the area to provide better small item storage. See Chiller Plant Upgrade Gallery for views of the work in progress.

For additional information on GCC projects, please read on.

GCC North

Below is a schematic from the Master Plan showing the proposed construction to be completed by 2044. Those buildings in the northeast part of the site (upper right) and identified with letters (a-f), are to be constructed as part of phase one (completion 2008) and will support the College until the next bond cycle (typically every ten years). Moving counterclockwise around the site, phase two is in the northwest quadrant (2014-2024), phase three in the southwest quadrant (2024-2034), and phase four in the southeast quadrant (2034-2044).

Proposed Build-out of GCC North 2006-2014

Open larger version of GCCN Proposal

The GCC North expansion project will add 68,000 gross square feet (gsf) to a 20,000 gsf Existing Site. New construction will add three new buildings: Instruction, Information and Student Services; plus a Central Plant.

The Instruction Bldg. (17,983 gsf) will provide three science labs for biology, chemistry and the physical sciences. Additionally, three general purpose classrooms, each capable of seating 48 students, will be built. Labs and classrooms surround a large Prep Room core (for the labs), allowing the building in future phases to support six labs. This use, would require a conversion of classrooms to lab facilities, for which this building's infrastructure is already programmed. Offices for faculty and staff, a tutoring center and social space for students to gather and meet colleagues or faculty complete this building.

The Information Bldg. (17,542 gsf) will house the site Library, Computer Commons (with 50 workstations) and Media Center. Like all buildings on this site, the Instruction Bldg. is programmed for the future. College's seldom build a second library, but computer centers, large and small seem to pop up in many future master plans. Should the need arise, a new High Tech Center could be built in a future phase and the square footage allocated in the Information Bldg. converted into Library space. Additionally, a courtyard space (1,000 gsf) on the east end of the building can be enclosed to serve as a future classroom.

The Student Services Bldg. (26,455 gsf) will house Enrollment and Business Services (Registration, Advising, Cashier Services, Financial Aid, Bookstore), Student Services (Student Lounge, Game Room, Cafeteria, Community Room) and a full service Fitness Center and Activity Room. In a future phase, planning may favor a new athletic or fitness center, allowing 2,000 gsf to be repurposed to support other business or student service needs. Likewise, the original community room was designed for 1,800 gsf, but reduced to 1,200 gsf for budgetary reasons. This room too, could be enlarged.

The final structure, the Central Plant (5,695 gsf), will house and control the utilities and major logistical needs of the site. Additional space was built to add additional cooling towers for future phases, and those installed during this phase incorporate features to reduce energy consumption during non-prime instruction time and to filter out dust thus reducing wear and tear on the underground water lines.

To complete the site, a total of 206 new parking spaces will be added, bringing the site total to 542 parking spaces. Lighting, security cameras and blue phones will be installed and connected to College Safety in the Existing Site Administrastion Bldg. Off site improvements will add an additional vehicle lane and sidewalk to Happy Valley Road and a sidewalk along the eastern perimeter.

Throughout the planning of GCC North, sustainability, functionality, safety and future use have been guiding principles. Additionally, preservation of the desert environment has been a theme throughout, perhaps best signified by the addition of a fence around the property and the tree salvage project to save nine Ironwood trees (open photos), a climax vegetation species for this site and soon to become landmarks for this great college in the Northwest Valley.

Looking north to Ludden Mountain, Instruction and Information buildings in foreground.

Computer Commons, from inside the Information building.

Life Science Building

To preview a three dimensional tour of the new Life Science Bldg., graphics that depict the proposed facility may be viewed in Life Sciences Building Construction Gallery #1. 75 percent Construction Documents (CD) were received May 7, 2007 and will be reviewed by the Planning Team next week. The new facility will be GCC's first three story structure and will house the Biology, Psychology and Nursing Departments. The proposed facility will contain 6 general purpose classrooms (@36-48 student capacity), 72 offices and common work spaces, a central Lab Prep Area, nine Biology labs, an Animal Research lab, four Nursing Observation pods and large (@120+ student capacity) room dividable into three smaller rooms. The facility will also contain a working greenhouse and small cafe. The Gould Evans design places the cafe, greenhouse, Nursing pods, large dividable classroom, and four general classrooms on the first floor, offices and conference rooms on the second floor, and all lab facilities, two classrooms and mechanical plant on the third floor. Construction is still expected to begin in August 2007 and the building prepared for instruction at the beginning of the Spring semester 2009.

Open Life Sciences Building Construction Gallery #1 to view several depictions of the planned facility.

Glendale Community College Bond Projects Schedule 2004-2014

In order to help employees and community members track progress of GCC Main and North projects, the following is an abbreviated timeline of actions associated with each project. Details of three projects in progress: Student Union Remodel, new Life Science Bldg., and expansion of the GCC North site are discussed further in this document.

Project Ed Specs Development Consultant Selection Design and Construction Documents Development Construction Begins (estimate) Substantial Completion (estimate) Punch List - Occupy
SU* Jan
Mar 2005
ART Jul 2005
Jokake Sep 2005
Aug 2005
Feb 2006
Apr 2006 Mar 12, 2007 Mar
Jun 2007
Life Science Bldg. (formerly N Bldg.)* Apr 2005
Feb 2006
Gould Evans May 2006
DPR May 2005
Sep 2006
May 2007
Aug 2007 Oct 2008 Nov
Dec 2008
Public Safety aka Applied Technology aka NW Bldg. Mar
Jun 2007
Aug 2007
Sep 2007
May 2008
Jun 2008 Aug 2009 Sep
Dec 2009
B Bldg. Jul
Sep 2007
Nov 2007
Nov 2007
Jun 2008
Jul 2008 May 2009 Jun-Aug 2009
T1 Bldg. Jul
Sep 2008
Nov 2008
Dec 2008
Jul 2009
Aug 2009 Aug 2010 Sep
Dec 2010
T3 Auto (some T2) Jul
Sep 2009
Nov 2009
Dec 2009
Jul 2010
Aug 2010 Aug 2011 Sep
Dec 2011
Old LS/NU Bldg. Dec 2011
Feb 2011
Apr 2011
Nov 2011
Dec 2011 Oct 2012 Nov 2012
F&W Bldg. Sep
Dec 2010
Feb 2011
Nov 2011
Dec 2011 Feb 2013 Mar
Jun 2013
Vogel Via Gaucho Entrances* Aug
Sep 2005
Nov 2005
Dec 2005
Feb 2006
Mar 2006 Oct 2006 N/A
Chiller Plant Upgrades 1 Nov 2006
Jan 2007
Mar 2007
Aug 2007
Sep 2007 Jan 2008 Feb 2008
GCC North* Mar
Sep 2005
RNL Design Jan 2006
CORE Feb 2006
Nov 2006
Dec 2006 Mar 2008 Apr
Jul 2008

1 Upgrade of the Chiller Plant is a District project designed to prepare the campus infrastructure to support new buildings.

  • Planning is currently underway for several projects (highlighted in light green ), and each is discussed further in this document.

    Questions - Comments

    Your input and questions concerning any of the College's bond projects is always welcome. If you have questions or ideas, please share them with the College. You can do this by clicking on the following email link. Questions and concerns will be addressed as expeditiously as possible, and where appropriate, shared with other readers in future Master Planning Updates.

    E-mail Questions - Comments


    In closing, let me express the College's sincere appreciation to those who have shared ideas, expertise and time toward the master planning process, development of the College's Project Lists, educational specifications, review of proposals and selection of architects and construction firms. Every attempt has been made to be inclusive, and the College will continue this approach as we plan, design and construct each project. If anyone desires a copy of documentation for any specific project, please email me and I will provide a copy or direct you to an on-line link. Please stay engaged. With your continued participation and ideas, GCC will become what we dream.

    Charles F. Jeffery
    Acting Vice President - Administrative Services and Planning

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