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Adjunct Faculty: In the Loop

Faculty Resources

District and campus resources that are available for you:

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District resources include:

  • The Adjunct Faculty Association is a network designed to support, educate and advocate for you.
  • MCLI offers several workshops, within the district, that support and advance teaching and learning.
  • Adjunct Professional Growth funds are available for conferences focusing on pedagogy; up to $750.00 a year! Some tips to help you with completing the application are available or you can contact GCC's CTLE for assistance.

    GCC resources include:

  • One of your best friends at GCC is the Center for Teaching, Learning & Engagement; they provide training and support for you!
  • Canvas is GCC's on-line instructional tool, and Canvas training is available. You can email your students through Canvas or use the course distribution list that allows you to send one email that will reach all of your students. Contact your department secretary for more information on how to do this.
  • Check-out technology including iPads, laptops, and cameras at the Critter Farm.
  • Alternative testing options for students are available and include proctored computerized testing and make-up testing.
  • GCC offers opportunities to learn more about teaching and/or developing an online course.
  • Tuition waivers are available so you can take classes, including EDU 250, which is required for adjunct to complete within 2 years of starting at GCC.
  • The Adjunct Faculty Handbook outlines policies and procedures.

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