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Administrative Regulations

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Related Criterion & Chapters: 1e,4a,4d

Relevance to Self-Study:

The Administrative Regulations of the Maricopa County Community College District govern the day-to-day operations of the colleges. Prior to official adoption by the Chancellor, draft regulations are shared in an open review process allowing all MCCCD employees to comment. Documentation fulfills Federal Compliance.

References within the Report:

Significance Level: 1 (Document directly cited in HLC report.)

Self-Study Report Chapter & Page: | Criterion 1 - pg. 47 | Criterion 4 - pg. 110 |

HLC and Federal Compliance:

HLC Materials Sets:

Federal Compliance: Required

Institutional policies addressing tuition categories, student complaints, student disciplinary code, sexual harassment, non-discrimination, satisfactory academic progress, attendance and treatment of Title IV aid when a student withdraws.

Category of Materials for PEAQ Evaluation:

Academic admission, good standing, and completion policies.


Source Department: MCCCD Office of Public Stewardship       

Source Material:  Available online. (website)

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The resource to the left supports the Glendale Community College Self-Study for the 2012 Higher Learning Commission review.

Many of the included documents are cited within the Self-Study Report. Others are provided in order to add context and to meet expectations defined in Chapter 9.4 of the Handbook of Accreditation.

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