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Master Plan 2003-2023

The document is available in print in the Resource Room

Related Criterion & Chapters: 2a

Relevance to Self-Study:

Actual document title: Glendale Community College: Master Plan 2003-2023. Demonstrates GCC's long range planning for facilities and maintaining a quality learning environment. Developed by DWL Architects + Planners in concert with the College. Two compact discs accompany this documentation, both provide full color jpg images of illustrated plans and one includes additional background documents (enrollment projections, infrastructure calculations and estimates). Print and electronic (on CD) copies available. Document fulfills PEAQ requirement.

References within the Report:

Significance Level: 1 (Document directly cited in HLC report.)

Self-Study Report Chapter & Page: | Criterion 2 - pg. 53 |

HLC and Federal Compliance:

HLC Materials Sets:

  • Specified Materials for PEAQ Evaluation

Federal Compliance: Not Applicable

Category of Materials for PEAQ Evaluation:

Physical facilities master plan.


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Note: this document is NOT HOSTED on the GCC-HLC website.

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The resource to the left supports the Glendale Community College Self-Study for the 2012 Higher Learning Commission review.

Many of the included documents are cited within the Self-Study Report. Others are provided in order to add context and to meet expectations defined in Chapter 9.4 of the Handbook of Accreditation.

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