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Technology Resource Standards (computing resources policies)

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Related Criterion & Chapters: 1e,4d

Relevance to Self-Study:

Included in the student handbook for all MCCCD students as well as in the Blue Book (the District-based all employee handbook), these standards govern the use of computing resources and identify prohibited conduct. Document fulfills PEAQ requirement.

References within the Report:

Significance Level: 3 (Supplemental Information)

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HLC and Federal Compliance:

HLC Materials Sets:

  • Specified Materials for PEAQ Evaluation

Federal Compliance: Not Applicable

Category of Materials for PEAQ Evaluation:

Policies for allocation and use of computer resources.


Source Department: MCCCD Office of Public Stewardship       Source Contact: Jose

Source Material:  Available online. (webpage)

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The resource to the left supports the Glendale Community College Self-Study for the 2012 Higher Learning Commission review.

Many of the included documents are cited within the Self-Study Report. Others are provided in order to add context and to meet expectations defined in Chapter 9.4 of the Handbook of Accreditation.

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