Program Overview

The Photography Department at GCC is committed to the study of both the digital and film aspects of the medium. Our brand new digital photography lab boasts 27” iMac workstations, medium-format Epson R2880 printers, a large format Epson 7900 printer, and a daylight balanced work environment. Our traditional wet lab includes a large film developing area designed to give students experience in 35mm, medium, and large format disciplines. Our group darkroom houses 18 printing stations with both Omega and Beseler enlargers. We also have specialized darkrooms with a mural enlarger, color enlargers and a RA-4 color processor system. Additional peripherals include a high-resolution film scanner, and a flatbed scanner capable of scanning 4” x 5” negatives. The photography studio includes hot lights, professional strobe lighting systems, various light controlling devices, and a medium-format Mamiya/Leaf digital back. Student checkout opportunities include various cameras, location lighting equipment, power supplies, and a plethora of other photography related items. Finally our print-finishing area includes matt-cutters, dry-mount presses, archival drying racks, and various tools to address all your post processing needs.

photo of a camera lens

Certificate of Completion

General Program Information

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Photography program includes the study of both the digital and film aspects of photography. The program is structured to help students develop an understanding of exposure principles, camera operations and functions, digital photographic materials, film-based strategies, studio lighting, and the basics of running a freelance photography business. This certificate is designed to provide knowledge and experience important to those hoping to work as freelance photographers, wedding photographers, commercial photographers, photography editors, photography assistants, or photo lab technicians.

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