Digital Media Arts

Program Overview

Art programs offer the foundation study in design, color, typography, electronic color, technology and software applications. Students enhance traditional methods and visual problem solving with digital imaging. 3D computer modeling, animation, web art and abilities in drawing, life drawing, photography, multimedia and art history. Students develop self-promotion skills and prepare a portfolio for entry-level employment and/or for transfer to a four year college or university.

General Program Information

Graphic designers find the most effective way to promote products or services. They create logos for products or businesses and may also create designs for company documents or other print materials. Graphic designers do almost all of their work on computers. To complete a project they sketch, create visual designs and prepare a proposed layout for the client. Together with the client and/or an art director, then make improvements or changes.

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  • Graphic design companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Newspaper, magazine and book publishers
  • Printing companies
  • Self-employment (nearly 25%)

Job Titles

  • Designer
  • Art or creative director
  • Teacher