Digital Cinema Arts

Program Overview

The Digital Cinema Arts program is an academically based curriculum that combines technical, artistic and historic elements of film and television production. Students in the program can examine all major production areas: script writing, photography, audio, lighting, directing and editing. Students discover a whole new world while earning an Associate of Applied Science degree. Class activity is supplemented with lectures by experts from the community, field trips to production studios and guest artists from around the country. The program offers small classes in a friendly atmosphere with easy access to faculty and staff. With our professional, faculty, equipment and software availability, and studio space, students develop new skills that can prepare them for a career in this fun and exciting field.

General Program Information

Video production technicians use motion picture, TV, or video cameras to film a wide range of subjects. Whatever the setting, camera operators begin by observing the set to determine the filming requirements. They also consult with the director or technicians about lighting needs and desired effects. Operators then select the proper film and equipment. They set up the camera and accessories, such as special lenses. Video production technicians work as a team to edit material to develop a finished product.

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  • Radio and TV broadcasting companies
  • Movie and TV production companies
  • Self-employment/contract endeavors

Job Titles

  • Camera operator
  • Production technician
  • Video production technician
  • Production assistant
  • Scriptwriter
  • Editor