Political Science students explore contemporary philosophies and ideologies.

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Political Science

Political Science explores contemporary philosophies and ideologies and how they’ve shaped today’s systems of government. Students will compare the spectrum of liberalism, capitalism, Marxism, Leninism, socialism and fascism in history. The foundations of our national and state government, our Constitutions and our civil rights are covered as well.

Careers in PoliSci
A degree in political science can lead to careers in government, law, business, international management, nonprofit, electoral and political campaign management and polling; journalism, research, and teaching.

Transfer History Credits
GCC’s core classes transfer to ASU’s Political Science Degree Programs (BA and BS)

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Courses Offered

Course Course Name
POS 100 Introduction to Political Science
POS 110 American National Government
POS 115 Issues in American Politics
POS 120 World Politics
POS 210 Political Ideologies
POS 220 U.S. & Arizona Constitution
POS 221 Arizona Constitution
POS 222 U.S. Constitution
POS 223 Civil Rights
POS 285 Political Issues & Public Pol


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