Students of history are informed, globally-aware citizens of the world.

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History Belongs to Everyone

The study of history reveals the answers to questions – some subtle, and some not – about our cumulative experience as people. By understanding our past we move toward successful, productive societies in the future.

Careers in History

Historians are employed as teachers and educators, archivists, museum curators, preservationists, consultants and researchers in private and government industry.

Transfer History Credits

GCC’s core history classes transfer to ASU’s History Bachelor of Arts degree program.

Courses Offered

History classes explore economic, social, and cultural elements in western civilization and U.S., Arizona, and world history. 

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Courses Offered

Course Course Name
HIS 100 History of Western Civilization to Middle Ages
HIS 101 History of Western Civilization Middle Ages to 1789
HIS 102 History of Western Civilization 1789 to Present
HIS 103 United States History to 1865
HIS 104 United States History 1865 to Present
HIS 105 Arizona History
HIS 106 Southwest History
HIS 107 Selected Issues in US History
HIS 108 United States History 1945 to the Present
HIS 109 Mexican-American History and Culture



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