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Physics & Physical Science

Intro Physics courses at GCC, designed for non-majors and liberal studies science electives, provide a broad an introduction to scientific principles and their application to modern life.  General and university physics courses explore mechanics, heat, magnetism, thermodynamics and other principles that science and engineering majors and pre-medicine/dental students need.

Careers in Physics

Physics plays a role in hundreds of occupational fields, so a background in this science can serve you well. Knowledge of physics helps athletes perform at their peak; auto mechanics use physics to understand combustion engine systems; computer scientists use physics to create software and data gathering tools.  

Physics Courses

The introductory physics courses at GCC emphasize the applications of physics to modern life. For physics course descriptions click the course prefix below, or see course competencies at the Maricopa Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation website.

Course Course Name
PHY 101 Introduction to Physics
PHY 111 General Physics I
PHY 112 General Physics II
PHY 115 University Physics I
PHY 116 University Physics II
PHY 241 University Physics III: Thermodynamics, Optics, and Wave Phenomena
Course Course Name
PHS 110 Fundamentals of Physical Science
PHS 120 Introduction to Physical Science: Astronomy, Meteorology, Geology and Oceanography


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