Study religions, traditions and philosophy at GCC

Religious Studies Courses

We invite you to begin your religious studies with a survey course to learn spiritual traditions within their historical, literary, artistic, intellectual and social contexts. Then delve deeper with tradition-specific courses in Judaism, Islam, Christianity, American Indian religions, and much more.

Courses Offered

Course Course Name
REL 100 World Religions
REL 151 Religion in the Hispanic World
REL 200 Religion and Film
REL 202 Classics of Asian Religions
REL 203 American Indian Religions
REL 205 Religion & the Modern World
REL 206 Religion in America
REL 207 Ritual, Symbol, and Myth
REL 212 Introduction to Islam
REL 243 World Religions


Women's Studies

Course Course Name
WST 100 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WST 105 Women of Color in America
WST 290 Women and World Religions